6 Superstar Mushrooms

Brain training: 

Mushrooms are very unique in the sense that they are neither plants nor animals - they are their own unique Fungi kingdom with a special mix of bioactive compounds.

It is their beta-glucan activity and active compounds that give mushrooms their healing and high-performance properties.

How to pick your medicinal mushrooms - the correct way:

  • beta-glucan activity is important
  • choose steam activated for the bioavailability of beneficial compounds


The Fungi kingdom has a myriad of species available, each unique in its own way. However, there are six highly specialised mushrooms used across several traditional medicinal systems traced back centuries. 


Find out below what they are and how you can use each for the right occasion. 


  • LION'S MANE - for when you're feeling anxious or need intense focus.

Lion's Mane is said to help regulate energy and improve mental sharpness, focus, clarity and memory. 


Other Benefits Include: Improves cognitive function, nerve regeneration, remyelination (repairs central nervous system tissue), increases Nerve Growth Factor (NGF), improves digestive function and relief from gastritis, relief from anxiety and depression, immuno-supportive, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, anticoagulant, improved lipid profile and fat metabolism, anti-tumour effect.


  • REISHI - adaptogenic support for high stress & lack of quality sleep.

Since it is an adaptogenic mushroom it works with the central nervous system and endocrine system to fine-tune the body's stress response and improve sleep quality.


Other Benefits Include: proven effective in treating arthritis, possesses anti-allergenic, anti-inflammatory, antiviral, antibacterial and antioxidant properties, also an excellent anti-stress herb, known to ease tension, elevate the spirit and promote peace of mind by transforming negative energy in the body.


  • CHAGA - for extra immune support & bouncing back from an illness


Other Benefits Include: contains the highest amounts of anti-tumour, cancer-fighting compounds of any herb, also extremely high in nourishing phytochemicals, nutrients and free-radical- scavenging antioxidants that all work together to strengthen the overall functioning of the immune system.


  • CORDYCEPS - for more energy, added endurance & stamina when you know you have an intense work week or training ahead


Other Benefits Include: considered an energising adaptogen, often used to help fight fatigue, treat muscle aches and prevent weakness, can boost athletic performance, improving physical abilities, endurance and stamina.


  • MAITAKE - to keep your energy levels stable and when you find yourself lacking sunshine and in a solemn mood


Other Benefits Include: potent anti-cancer, antiviral and immune-enhancing mushroom.


  • TURKEY TAIL - For travelling and high exposure to changing environments and types of food


Other Benefits Include: anti-microbial, immune-modulating, antioxidant and anti-malarial, most popularly known as being the natural source of the anti-carcinogenic polysaccharide (PSK)


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