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  1. Local is Beautiful
    Local is Beautiful

    Natural African ingredients are all the rage in the beauty scene right now, and for good reason!  

  2. Winter in the Winelands
    Winter in the Winelands

    Enjoy this uniquely magical time of year in the heart of Franschhoek and the lap of luxury at Le Quartier Français.

  3. How you benefit from Health Coaching… A plan you can stick to
    How you benefit from Health Coaching… A plan you can stick to

    Everyone's health journey is different, but most start the same way. You realise you're not living the life you've always dreamt of, so you know something needs to change. You decide what you want out of life, develop a plan, and finally put the plan into action. Simple right? In reality, where most people go wrong is the planning step! We're often so rushed to start our health journey that we forget the crucial step of planning.  As the saying goes…

    “A goal without a plan is just a wish”  -  Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

  4. Your health coach aka “Accountability partner”
    Your health coach aka “Accountability partner”

    How often have you tried to implement a new change or work towards a goal only to find yourself back in your familiar routine just days or weeks later? Or perhaps you can relate to the voice that whispers, “start tomorrow” or “I deserve this. It was a stressful day”?

    Making changes and creating your dream life can be difficult. But it doesn’t have to be. This article discusses why accountability is important, how having a health coach can help and how you can reach your goals with an accountability partner.

  5. How you benefit from Health Coaching - Bringing your health vision to life
    How you benefit from Health Coaching - Bringing your health vision to life

    Do you often feel like you know what you want but don't know how to get there? You might have a healthier version of yourself in mind but find it challenging to achieve it. A health coach can help you bring your health vision to life.

    In this article, we'll discuss a health vision, its purpose, why it's essential and four steps to make it a reality.

  6. How you benefit from Health Coaching… Getting what you need from change
    How you benefit from Health Coaching… Getting what you need from change

    Wouldn't it be great to wake up and decide: "I want to start eating better." and then you actually do it? It seems simple, but we all know change doesn't work that way. We can't change with one thought or action in one day - it's a process. When we understand the process of change, it becomes easier.

    This article discusses why change is difficult, the process and how to make it easier.

  7. Learn the secret to overcoming bad habits
    Learn the secret to overcoming bad habits

    Think about the last time you decided to make an essential change in your life. Maybe you decided to start a new eating plan or train for a specific sporting event. Was it easy to change your habits and routine to accommodate the change? Were there days when you just wanted to give up? Were there aspects of the 'old you' or your 'old life' that you missed?

    When we want to make changes in our lives, we are very quickly reminded of the gap between where we are and where we want to be. Some days that gap feels bigger than others, which can be overwhelming.

  8. Made by Africa, with Love
    Made by Africa, with Love

    lelive (pronounced ‘leh-lee-veh’) was created in 2020 by Amanda du-Pont. It started as an online South African community to share tips about wellness and living a healthier lifestyle during the rise of the pandemic. Over time, the community turned into a countrywide focus group that decided on everything that would become the brand: from the ingredients to skin concerns and packaging. It’s little surprise that the result was an overnight bestselling skincare range.

  9. Why Your Cycle is Your Superpower
    Why Your Cycle is Your Superpower

    The natural world is an exquisite expression of rhythms and cycles, and women’s bodies hold the essence of this cyclical nature. Just as men need decent levels of testosterone to thrive, women need healthy levels of estradiol and progesterone to support them through their reproductive years.


    I would like to say a huge thank you to the 3 200 of you who participated in our recent customer survey and in-person forums. This honest feedback is so valuable to us. Whether it refers to wanting more innovation, less packaging, or greater promotions, we are listening and are always striving to make living life well easier and more affordable for you.

  11. Simple & Sophisticated
    Simple & Sophisticated

    Ayurvedic medicine has its roots in ancient India, and quite simply involves the adaptation of food, spices, and herbs in accordance with your body type and the ailments that accompany it.

  12. Post Partum Care
    Post Partum Care

    Every woman needs a ‘Nanny McPhee’ when it comes to post-partum support. This can take many forms: someone to assist in debriefing or processing the birth; someone to listen; someone to cry with; and someone to hold your hand and tell you that everything is going to be ok. 

  13. Happiness in a Furball
    Happiness in a Furball

    With a woof woof here and a meow meow there, here’s a cluck, there’s a squeak, everywhere a hiss hiss… With furry fellas, feathery friends, and scaly sidekicks, the world seems to be overflowing with pet love, and there are many (great) reasons for it.  

  14. Your Health Journey: Are You Asking the Right Questions?
    Your Health Journey: Are You Asking the Right Questions?

    When asked if they’d like to improve something meaningful in their lives, most people answer with a firm “yes!”.

  15. Wellness Trends We’re Watching
    Wellness Trends We’re Watching

    As biometric data becomes increasingly useful in tracking our health, the future of wellbeing is merging with fashion. Think smart jewellery that directly links to your devices, or inconspicuous glucose trackers that monitor your sugar levels without the pain of pricking. Gaining particular popularity are sleep monitors, which track heart rate and sleep quality through sleek wearable devices to accessorise our pyjamas. Low maintenance, high in demand and adaptable to the diverse range of needs, goals and plans for a healthier, hybridised future, it’s no surprise that wearable tech is set to reach $64 billion by 2024.

  16. The Art of Perception
    The Art of Perception

    Every morning, we look at ourselves in the mirror as we get ready for the day ahead. Applying makeup to contour our beauty, shaving the 6 am shadow, and styling ourselves to meet the occasion. We all want to look our best, and develop a strong (positive or negative) perception of ourselves before we leave the house and greet the world.

  17. The Power of Gratitude
    The Power of Gratitude

    If you’re stuck in a rut or are feeling overwhelmed by life’s daily challenges, or feel like your day resembles the movie Groundhog Day, where hours blur into days and weeks blur into months, gratitude and mindfulness can help to transport you into a much more joyful world.

  18. Rewriting Your Money Story
    Rewriting Your Money Story

    As Albert Einstein famously said, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

  19. Diabetes Your Diet & Lifestyle are Key
    Diabetes Your Diet & Lifestyle are Key

    Whether you are a type 1 or type 2 diabetic, maintaining healthy blood sugar levels is likely something that you are constantly thinking about.

  20. Cycling for Change
    Cycling for Change

    We catch up with cyclist, sports medicine physician and high-performance sports strategist Dr Phatokuhle Zondi on how she lives life well.

  21. We Need to Talk About… Parental Burnout
    We Need to Talk About… Parental Burnout

    Parenting during recent years has been especially difficult, with many parents reporting symptoms of burnout but feeling too guilty to talk about it.

  22. Ashwaganda for Mums
    Ashwaganda for Mums

    Sleep deprived, stressed, neglected, tired, dazed and confused – these are some of the badges new mum’s wear. Having a new-born in the house is probably one of the most underrated stressors in our lifetime. New mums must adapt to a different, very demanding chapter of life and this is where an adaptogen can help.

  23. Power-up your brain with CoQ10 and PQQ.
    Power-up your brain with CoQ10 and PQQ.

    Coenzyme Q10 and PQQ may be the perfect power couple when it comes to keeping the lights bright in your brain.

  24. Self-compassion helps lower cardiovascular risk - study
    Self-compassion helps lower cardiovascular risk - study

    Women who practice self-compassion have a lower risk of developing cardiovascular disease, irrespective of their blood pressure, insulin resistance and cholesterol levels, according to new research.


  25. Push Your Happy Button
    Push Your Happy Button
    After centuries of searching for the elusive notion of happiness, the world has finally concluded that not only is it important, it's also not quite what it seems.
  26. Drink to Your Health
    Drink to Your Health

    When it comes to maintaining overall wellbeing, gut health remains top of mind – and for good reason.

  27. Terrific Toners
    Terrific Toners

    Like many, I have a long history and complicated relationship with my skin. Some of my earliest memories are of marvelling at how soft and clear my mother’s skin was. I was in awe of the perfection of my grandmother's makeup, and curious about the beauty concoctions that crowded my aunt's vanity cupboard. It all seemed so enticing, and I was counting down the days until I could delve into some pampering of my own…


  28. Self-Care is the New Healthcare
    Self-Care is the New Healthcare

    When we hear the term self-care, our minds typically wander to expensive skin care products and body scrubs that we’re sure will instantly change our lives, as having glowing skin means we have our lives together - right?

    There is no rigid definition of self-care, and each different derivative can be as valuable as the next.


  29. A Man on a Mission
    A Man on a Mission

    Siya Kolisi on Why Men’s Mental Health Matters.


  30. Powered by Plants
    Powered by Plants

    With benefits as significant and far-ranging as reducing animal suffering and our environmental footprint to reversing chronic disease, it’s not surprising that many South Africans are embracing veganism - or at least trying to cut back on meat, eggs and dairy.” - Donovan Will, SA Vegan Society Director


  31. Finding Yin
    Finding Yin

    In this fast-paced yang world, finding yin starts on our yoga mat.

    Yin yoga’s call to ‘do less’ may not sit easily with those who are used to an active, sweaty workout. Yet this powerful practice may be exactly what you need to restore balance to a busy, hectic lifestyle while offering a list of proven benefits to your physical body, nervous system, and emotional and mental wellbeing.


  32. Your Inner Voice
    Your Inner Voice

    Picture this: a 10-year-old boy is lying on the grass in the backyard of his parent's home in Soweto, gazing at the moon, trying to see the American astronauts who are reported to have landed there, as if it were possible to spot them so far away in space. It’s all over the news and the boy’s curiosity makes him think that he might see the men on the moon. The news about the US moon landing in 1969 stirs something deep inside the boy, a voice that would intensify as he grows older. As a 10-year-old, he cannot articulate it as clearly as he would come to do in his teenage years. But the message is loud and strong – I don’t want to die unknown.


  33. Live with Intention
    Live with Intention

    Intentionality is centred on individuality. It’s based on the practice of identifying what is truly important and what creates meaning in your life, regardless of how you think it ‘should’ look or feel.


  34. Jardim Organic Family Farm
    Jardim Organic Family Farm

    Situated in the quaint village of Noordhoek, Jardim is a fairy tale destination for the whole family.


  35. Overcome Your Money Fears
    Overcome Your Money Fears

    My relationship with money has been fraught with challenges over the course of my life. In my first few years, money was plentiful. I lived a life of luxury, and experienced true financial abundance. However, at the age of eight, my entire world changed. My mom, without a career, income or financial support, became the sole provider for four kids under the age of 10.


  36. Keeping Track of Your Finances
    Keeping Track of Your Finances

    As a Small Business Owner.

    As accountants, we are often asked, “Why is bookkeeping important?”


  37. Are You a Reducetarian?
    Are You a Reducetarian?

    Do you make it a habit to cut back on animal products? Have you been more pedantic when checking the ingredients on product labels lately? Are you eco-minded yet still struggling to give up certain foods?


  38. Esse Interview
    Esse Interview

    Esse Founder Trevor Steyn on Skincare & the Microbiome.


  39. Good Microbes for Your Skin
    Good Microbes for Your Skin

    There are trillions of bacteria from hundreds of species living on and in your skin. Your skincare goals should always include their well-being, as they are what ultimately determine skin health and graceful ageing.

    As a rule, body site is the most important factor in determining which bacteria are dominant and desirable on skin. Here is a cursory look at the three (four if we include lactobacillus) most abundant genera in the skin microbiome:


  40. Rewild Your Skin
    Rewild Your Skin

    Esse is a South African skincare brand founded and developed by Trevor Steyn, an organic chemist, in Richmond KZN. Trevor’s research began with African plants and their use in cosmetics which led to the formulation of Esse. Over the last 100 years, industrial beauty has disrupted our skin's ecosystem; we pay the price with huge increases in sensitive skin and acne. Esse researches rewilding techniques to restore the skin’s microbiome with probiotics and green chemistry. Esse does not believe in damaging skin in pursuit of short-term results, it optimises skin health to slow ageing in the long term. It uses prebiotics to feed good microbes and includes LIVE probiotic microbes in two serums to make functional changes to the microbiome. Esse remains true to its principles since its inception: it’s a certified organic, vegan and cruelty-free brand that is carbon and plastic neutral, supporting fair trade practices.


  41. Discover SA’s Best Hikes
    Discover SA’s Best Hikes

    South Africa is renowned for its breathtaking natural beauty and bucket-list mountain trails. With many of these just a stone’s throw from the hustle and bustle of city living, those with an adventurous spirit can easily explore nature’s manifold wonders. 

    If spending more time outdoors is on your list of health and lifestyle goals, our round-up of the best hiking routes in South Africa is for you. Whether you’re a hiking hero, couch potato, or simply just wanting to see what all the hype is about, it’s time to dust off those boots and get moving! 


  42. The Art of Learning from Nature
    The Art of Learning from Nature

    Imitating Life’s Genius with Biomimicry

    “At the cusp of every design decision, biomimics have 30 million elder strategists to advise them. Rather than flipping through a catalogue of human inventions or going on a retail safari, biomimics turn to nature for inspiration. Their mentors are the bacteria, fungi, plants, and animals of this planet, the organisms that clothe the landscape, cycle the nutrients, cleanse the air, sweeten the water, and create soil from rock. They are beings that can fly around the world without an engine, dive down ocean Everest without a tank, drink luxuriously from a wisp of fog, or shelter a dune from a hurricane gale. They surf the opportunities in their habitat while respecting the limits, and in that frame, they perform what seem to us to be technological miracles.”

    - Janine Benyus, Biomimicry Primer


  43. Your Chance to Shape the World
    Your Chance to Shape the World

    With the world ‘opening up’ again, there has been a mass movement of people heading back to physical spaces that allow for both human connection and freedom of movement.

    Millions of people are making an effort to get out of their homes - where they have spent the best part of two years - and back into the water, resulting in a global shortage of wetsuits. The gyms that survived COVID are back to their early 2019 membership numbers as people crave a sense of community again.


  44. A Day With a Doula
    A Day With a Doula

    Much like a doula walks alongside expecting mothers on their birthing journeys, WOMBS Chairlady Gayle Friedman walks us through her experience as a doula, sharing invaluable insight and tips for expecting parents.


  45. The Healing Power of Scent
    The Healing Power of Scent

    The first records of the use of essential oils originate from Greece and Rome in 4500 CB, where they were traded extensively with various regions of the Orient. Ancient India, Persia and Egypt soon joined the trade market with their own oils. Although no one knows for certain, it is widely assumed that these products were the extracts of flowers, roots, and leaves in fatty oils.


  46. Free-Range Eggs
    Free-Range Eggs

    Not All They’re Cracked up to Be? 


    There are a few essentials that are always on my grocery list: oat milk, seasonal fruit, whole grain bread, and eggs. A staple in many homes, eggs are enjoyed by about 75 % of the world’s population and can be prepared in an ever-expanding number of ways. Sweet or savoury, boiled, scrambled or fried, the versatile egg can be found in most kitchens and recipe books.  



  47. Vibrant Veggies & Magnificent Microgreens
    Vibrant Veggies & Magnificent Microgreens

    A step-by-step guide to growing at home 

    Although planting, nurturing, and harvesting your own produce can be rewarding and filled with fun, it can also be a quite daunting experience for those of us who don’t know how or where to start.  


  48. A Note From Our CEO
    A Note From Our CEO

    In this edition of the Wellness magazine, we explore the themes of staying grounded, connecting and slowing down. How apt, as we experience our world in such violent crisis at this time. 


  49. Bliss & Stars
    Bliss & Stars

    Nestled in a valley amongst the breathtaking Cederberg mountains lies the Bliss & Stars Wilderness Retreat, which curates personalised experiences to encourage and inspire becoming present within oneself and one’s surroundings through meditation, movement, nourishment, nature-dwelling, and astronomy. 


  50. Autumn Beauty
    Autumn Beauty

    Out with the old, in with the new.

    Autumn has finally graced us with its presence, and the signs are all around us. The days are cosy, tree leaves are gold, red and yellow, and mornings have that crisp, bright feeling.  

    Just as the trees shed their leaves, our bodies, too, shed both skin and hair. The sudden drop in temperature and humidity can cause flaky, thirsty skin and brittle hair. 

    It’s time for an autumn self-care plan!


  51. Trust Your Gut
    Trust Your Gut

    Paying close attention to your gut is imperative to your holistic health.

    There is a clear connection between your gut health and the occurrence of disease in your body, as your gut contains 75% of your immune system. When you get sick, you should pay close attention to what your gut needs. As Hippocrates said, “Death begins in the gut.”

    In order for your gut to remain healthy, its microbiota population - which is made up of trillions of cells including viruses, bacteria and fungi - needs to have access to good bacteria and be without intrusive amounts of bad bacteria.

  52. Vegan Protein
    Vegan Protein

    How much protein do you need per day, and what are the best plant-based protein options out there? 


  53. Honeybee Heroes
    Honeybee Heroes

    The great caretakers of our planet come in all shapes and sizes. Although their roles vary, their purpose remains the same - nourish the earth and allow it to bloom. All are noble creatures - from the beautiful butterfly to the skinny spider - but none so noble as the heroic honeybee.


  54. Medicinal Mushrooms
    Medicinal Mushrooms

    What if I was to tell you that mushrooms could be so much more than just a mundane ingredient in your nana’s favourite pasta dish? Well, it’s true! The mushroom mania that has taken the world by storm is not because they’re such fun-guys, but rather because of their incredible medicinal properties.


  55. A Whole Latté Love
    A Whole Latté Love

    Have you tried our freshly-roasted Wellness Coffee?

    We’ve bean buzzy tasting the best brews at only the finest coffee roasteries, and are thrilled to have found the perfect cuppa!


  56. Keeping Up With the Collagen Craze
    Keeping Up With the Collagen Craze

    Collagen is all the rage right now, with the trend-setting ‘collagen cult’ making this buzzword supplement an everyday staple in beauty routines and morning coffees and smoothies the globe over.

    The health industry has quickly caught up with the hype, hailing collagen as the modern-day fountain of youth and a miracle remedy for smoothing wrinkled skin. Nowadays, you’ll see a range of creative collagen products lining the aisles of supermarkets as well as health stores. From coffee creamers to fruity chews, single-serving sachets and even collagen hair spray, there seems to be no limit to the variety of ways you can get your collagen fix.


  57. Skincare - Good for you, Good for the Planet!
    Skincare - Good for you, Good for the Planet!

    The newly launched Hugo Apothecary, is a South African based supplier, specializing in natural skin and hair care products. 

  58. The Key to Healthy & Sustainable Weight Loss
    The Key to Healthy & Sustainable Weight Loss

    There has never been a greater emphasis on health and fitness than there is today.


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