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  1. Skincare - Good for you, Good for the Planet!
    Skincare - Good for you, Good for the Planet!

    The newly launched Hugo Apothecary, is a South African based supplier, specializing in natural skin and hair care products. 

  2. Your Quick Guide to Living Life Well
    Your Quick Guide to Living Life Well

    Life is a beautiful, crazy journey, and a big adventure. Every decision you make has an impact on you and your health, so why not make the healthy part easy?

    Take a look into the living well life hack and start giving your mind and body what it's been wanting.


  3. In Good Company
    In Good Company

    Since launching Africa’s first dedicated CBD retail store in the heart of Cape Town’s city centre in 2019, Goodleaf has emerged as one of South African consumers’ preferred wellness and lifestyle brands. They believe that a good life begins with a better you, and have created a range of premium health and skincare products to inspire wellbeing every day. Their extensive collection includes CBD oils, skincare topicals, CBD-infused sparkling drinks, natural vapes, and CBD powder sachets sold in more than 1 500 outlets in South Africa.


  4. Honeybee Heroes
    Honeybee Heroes

    Not all heroes wear capes, and the busy bees at Honeybee Heroes are certainly worth their weight in liquid gold.


  5. Navigating Through a Financial Storm
    Navigating Through a Financial Storm

    If there’s anything that COVID-19 has taught us, it’s that life is unpredictable.


  6. Re-imagining Wellness
    Re-imagining Wellness

    Wellness and wellbeing are crucial for the success of any organisation – and society at large. society and an organization’s success. I view ‘wellness’ as a set of habits and behaviours, and ‘wellbeing’ as a state of mind.


  7. Hot Topic
    Hot Topic

    Hot yoga has been around for some time, but how much do we really know about it? And why practise yoga in a heated room in the first place?


  8. The Key to Healthy & Sustainable Weight Loss
    The Key to Healthy & Sustainable Weight Loss

    There has never been a greater emphasis on health and fitness than there is today.


  9. Supporting a Loved One Through Mental Illness
    Supporting a Loved One Through Mental Illness

    When a loved one is dealing with a mental illness, you may be at a loss for what to say. We want to offer comfort and support, but often don’t know what that looks like.

    Not all mental health challenges or mental illnesses look the same, but the key thing to understand when supporting a loved one through mental illness is that it’s not about changing the individual, but rather about changing how you view mental illness.


  10. Healing an Anxious World
    Healing an Anxious World

    As alternative and complementary healthcare methods around the world are gaining in popularity, reiki is moving out of the woo-woo mists that obscure numerous energy healing practices, and taking its place amongst the starting line-up along with acupuncture and similar modalities


  11. With Love From Our Kitchen to Yours
    With Love From Our Kitchen to Yours

    Introducing the new Wellness frozen readymade meals by La Cuccina. 

    We all have those days when we don’t feel like cooking, but we don’t want to go out to eat or order takeaways, either. We want a homestyle meal that’s delicious, contains the right ingredients, and fits in with our requirements to eat a little healthier.

  12. New Year, New Me?
    New Year, New Me?

    Making Wellness a Reality. 

    Year after year, summer after summer, you repeat the same resolution in your head that this time will be different. This time, you’ll be healthier, fitter, happier, better – the list goes on.


  13. On Being Well
    On Being Well

    We live in an uncertain, ever-changing world. We always have, and we always will. Instead of allowing the fear of this reality to consume us, we can reframe it as an opportunity to equip ourselves with the tools we need to best support us, and even to help us thrive.


  14. An Unrivalled Winelands Escape
    An Unrivalled Winelands Escape

    There is no better destination to escape to this summer than Franschhoek, the jewel in the crown of the Cape Winelands. Renown for its breath-taking beauty, it is a wonderful place to spend time enjoying exceptional wining and dining experiences, soaking up the local culture, exploring the stunning natural landscape and simply relaxing in a spectacular setting.


  15. How I Took Back My Power
    How I Took Back My Power

    I was 31 when I had my first breakdown. It was the middle of the year when I started feeling a soul-deep exhaustion. I couldn’t focus, and my energy was depleted. I wondered how I was going to meet my obligations and get through the rest of the year. I was overcome by foreboding and a deep feeling of inadequacy – professionally, academically, and personally.


  16. Time to Pull the Plug?
    Time to Pull the Plug?

    Wellness & Wavelengths: Your Guide to a Digital Detox


  17. Got Mylk?
    Got Mylk?

    Cow’s milk may be a household staple for millions, but more and more individuals are choosing to find alternatives, whether for health, ethical, or environmental reasons. These include the astounding number of the population that is lactose intolerant (around 65%) and recent research linking milk consumption to a number of health risks, such as breast and prostate cancer, as a result of modern manufacturing practices like the use of mass antibiotics, pesticides, and routine growth hormones.


  18. Drink to 2022!
    Drink to 2022!

    As we start returning to work after a much-deserved rest, we often find ourselves pinched for time. And while you may have started this year resolving to eat more veggies, when you’re pressed for time (and who isn’t?), vegetables seem to be the first thing that go out the door (with you as you’re dashing out of it!).


  19. Celebrate the Age of Restoration with Wellness and Greenpop
    Celebrate the Age of Restoration with Wellness and Greenpop

    We all have a part to play in the protection of our environment. This has come into focus even more with the likes of the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration and COP26 launching last year.


  20. Going Plant-Based at Home
    Going Plant-Based at Home

    Considering changing to a more plant-based lifestyle? Whether motivated by ethical, environmental or health concerns, we’re here to help make the transition easier for you and your family.


  21. Quench Your Skin
    Quench Your Skin

    When we think about skin, we generally judge by aesthetics. Supple and hydrated skin is thought to signal good overall health, while dull, thirsty skin can pinpoint an underlying imbalance.


  22. Winning the Peace
    Winning the Peace

    Developing & Defining Good Leadership


  23. Midlands Magic
    Midlands Magic

    Can’t decide on your next vacation destination? Well, it’s time to stop pondering and start planning!


  24. Keeping It Personal
    Keeping It Personal

    Have You Joined the Personalised Nutrition Revolution?


  25. Barefoot Benefits
    Barefoot Benefits

    Imagine meandering along the beach, feeling the sand between your toes, the ocean washing over your feet, and the salty water cleansing your soul… 

    Or meandering through the forest, smelling pine in the air, feeling the soft soil and spongy grass on the soles of your feet, and taking a deep breath of the fresh air… 

    Or simply walking around your house, enjoying the plush feeling of carpet underfoot, the hardwood floors creaking with every step you take, and the feeling of home.


  26. Rock-a-Bye Baby
    Rock-a-Bye Baby

    10 tips to help get your baby to sleep.


  27. How to run a (successful) start-up in South Africa
    How to run a (successful) start-up in South Africa

    So you want to start something new? 

    Running a successful company is not easy, but it can be done with the right amount of effort and determination.  

    Let's take a look at some of the critical elements to help you run a successful small business in South Africa... 


  28. Essentially, We Love Natural Beauty
    Essentially, We Love Natural Beauty

    Have you tried the Naturals Beauty essentials range?

    The range is local, ethical, effective, and affordable. All their beauty products are handcrafted and made in small, fresh batches.


  29. Toodle-oo to Tangles
    Toodle-oo to Tangles

    The Little Hunny Detangling & Conditioning Mist is amazing, especially when having to deal with long, tangled hair. When I applied it to my daughter’s waist-length hair, the tangles effortlessly loosen with the strokes of a brush. 


  30. Healing Hands for the Heart
    Healing Hands for the Heart

    Churning deep within our hearts is the tension between who we were born to be and what our various decisions and experiences have turned us into. Our bodies call out in complaint at the disconnect as they try to reconcile what they are with what they ‘should’ be. Craniosacral therapist and coach Penelope van Maasdyk has learnt the art of using what is exterior to heal what is on the inside.


  31. Finding Financial Freedom
    Finding Financial Freedom

    “A light purse is a heavy curse” is a phrase thrown around in jest, but it is unfortunately the stark reality for many South Africans. It means that life without money can be incredibly difficult. No sooner does money arrive in our bank accounts than we seem to be parted from it. But all is not lost! Financial representative Thobelani Thwala puts his money where his mouth is to inspire us with his personal journey from bottom dollar to financial freedom.


  32. Journey to Wellness
    Journey to Wellness

    We’re all at different stages on our wellness journeys. Whether this is a path you’ve been on for a while or something you’re just starting to figure out, we want to be your partner along the way. And what better time than spring to make some new healthy habits?  Whether you’re finding ways to support your mental wellbeing, bringing wellness into your daily routine, or celebrating with loved ones, this is a time of year for new discoveries, new beginnings and a new appreciation for life lived well.


  33. Get Appy
    Get Appy

    Without my phone, I wouldn’t be able to solve a math equation, find my way in the dark, or remember a single phone number – let alone tell you what the date or time is! But if this is all that you’re using your smartphone for, you are missing out on plenty of apps that could prove to be the best resource to help you live the life you aspire towards. 


  34. Our Green Journey
    Our Green Journey

    The Wellness Green Journey is our ongoing strategy to contribute to a conscious and sustainable world through community and environmental wellbeing.


  35. My Journey to wellness
    My Journey to wellness

    My journey began when I started my first business. I was part owner and operating partner of YARD in Cape Town (home of The Dog’s Bollocks and Pizza Warehouse). But in 2012, shortly after I began this entrepreneurial endeavour, I was diagnosed with herpes. At the time, I took the convenient route and went onto antiviral meds, as the doctor ordered. But, every time I finished a prescription, I would immediately get hit with another outbreak. I quickly realised I needed to step up, take responsibility for my health and wellbeing, and make some serious lifestyle changes.

  36. Weight Loss Isn’t a Number – It’s a Feeling
    Weight Loss Isn’t a Number – It’s a Feeling

    The starting point to weight loss isn’t a workout or an eating plan – it’s kindness. For a long time at the start of our business, I did the introductory calls with potential clients. The idea behind the call was to help people understand their true motivation for wanting to lose weight whilst ensuring they did so within an honest and realistic framework. 

  37. Lessons in Leadership
    Lessons in Leadership

    There is a popular, often heatedly debated question on the topic of leadership: Are leaders made or are they born? I believe that everyone is born a leader, but whether people choose to be one is complex. Most people’s natural leadership qualities and abilities remain dormant, sometimes forever, because they aren’t challenged – by a situation or their environment – and haven’t found a cause that ignites the desire and activates their call to leadership.


  38. Yoga For Sports Performance
    Yoga For Sports Performance

    Lifelong yoga practitioner and yoga teacher trainer Jim Harrington recently published Yoga for Sports Performance: A Guide for Yoga Therapists and Bodyworkers (Jonathan Ball, 2021), and it’s a must-read for yoga enthusiasts, yoga practitioners and sports professionals alike.

  39. Celebrate Nature & Wellness At An Eco-Spiritual Sanctuary
    Celebrate Nature & Wellness At An Eco-Spiritual Sanctuary

    Resting peacefully at the foot of the Witkransberg, Bodhi Khaya Nature Retreat is a jewel of tranquillity in the beautiful Overberg.

  40. Scenic Surrender At Somerset Gift Getaway Farm
    Scenic Surrender At Somerset Gift Getaway Farm

    Escape to the serene beauty and historical legacy of Swellendam’s lush valley…

  41. 100 Ways to Live Life Well
    100 Ways to Live Life Well

    In celebration of our 100th edition, we’re sharing 100 small ways you can lead a healthier, happier and more fulfilling life.

  42. Stop Sleeping Like A Baby
    Stop Sleeping Like A Baby

    Sleep hygiene for the restless sleeper.

  43. The Six Pillars of a Successful Health & Fitness Journey
    The Six Pillars of a Successful Health & Fitness Journey

    If you’re anything like me, you’ve had a complicated relationship with fitness. You’ve changed your cellphone wallpaper to a motivational fitness quote (probably something along the lines of “Success is what comes after you stop making excuses”); you wander around the gym confused and staring at the equipment without doing much; and you’ve tried to convince yourself that you don’t sweat; you sparkle. But when you look at some of the gym bunnies around you who really are sparkling, the truth couldn’t be more obvious… You need a little bit of help! It’s okay, you can say it: you need a team cheering you on and giving you guidance. Enter team JEFF.

  44. Health, Home & Happiness
    Health, Home & Happiness

    Create a healthy, thriving working environment at home!

  45. Maps To The Unknown
    Maps To The Unknown

    Journeying Inwards with Warren Munitz.

  46. Welcome, Baby! Now What?
    Welcome, Baby! Now What?

    What to Expect in the First Six Weeks.

  47. You Deserve A Healthy Relationship
    You Deserve A Healthy Relationship

    Society is gradually recognising how important it is for individuals to prioritise their emotional and psychological wellbeing. However, while the stigma around mental health is fading (slowly but surely), many still don’t equate relationship wellbeing with mental wellbeing.

  48. Supporting A Grieving Partner
    Supporting A Grieving Partner

    Grief is something we all know we'll experience some time in our lives. However, it is unlike anything we could ever imagine when it happens to ourselves or our partners. Grief is all-encompassing. It wraps itself around our psyches like a fine mist, and our lives are changed forever.

  49. Embracing the MESSessary
    Embracing the MESSessary

    Escaping digital perfectionism in a world gone online.


  50. A Quick Fix For Effortless Nutrition
    A Quick Fix For Effortless Nutrition

    When it comes to creating a balanced meal for your little ones you no longer have worry with this new superfood boost!


  51. Embrace Spring During Your Next Bath Time
    Embrace Spring During Your Next Bath Time

    Soaps that will leave you rejuvenated and polished!


  52. Stock Your Healthy Pantry
    Stock Your Healthy Pantry

    Dishing up healthy meals at home can be an incredibly daunting and challenging domestic task. From shopping a long list of new ingredients to facing down a goliath recipe, cooking can quickly become a frantic frenzy of figuring out how to assemble a food jigsaw puzzle from scratch. So it's no wonder we're left racking up an exorbitant grocery bill that leaves us exhausted and wondering if we wouldn't have been better off dining and wining at a fancy restaurant instead.

  53. A Head Above The Rest
    A Head Above The Rest

    If you've been tangled up in your social media feed, enviously scrolling through an endless stream of photoshopped models with shiny tresses, you're probably wondering how you can ever get rid of your dry, damaged and dull bedhead.


  54. Spring Into Action
    Spring Into Action

    Wellness L-Glutamine powder

    Spring is here! If you haven’t already, it is now time to kick start your fitness regime. L-Glutamine is a must-have in your fitness toolkit.


  55. Surviving Silly Season The Wellness Way
    Surviving Silly Season The Wellness Way

    Silly season is officially under way, and after the past year (or two!) of uncertainty and stress, we are more than ready to let our hair down!

  56. baby, foam, bubble bath, bath, bathtime, bath time, earth, eco-friendly, earthsap, foam bath, raspberry, babies, mom, maternal support, baby care
    Bathtime Bliss

    When it comes to giving our toddlers a bath, it's a bit of a hit or miss situation. Some days it's full of giggles and laughter, and other days it's a session of screams. But that all changed when we discovered Earthsap Foam Bath!

  57. cookies, vegan, biscuits, mama bongi, chocolate chip, Women's Month, small business owner, entrepreneur
    Be A Smart Cookie

    You may have heard of (or hopefully tasted!) Mama Bongi’s scrumptious Vegan Choc Chip Cookies, but do you know the story behind this local business? This Woman’s Month, we would like to put the spotlight on the wonder woman who is taking the cookie world by storm!

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