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  1. Meet our Supplier TIBB Health Sciences
    Meet our Supplier TIBB Health Sciences
    Imagine a healthcare system that takes you as an individual fully into account. One of the fathers of modern medicine, Hippocrates said, 'It is more important to know what sort of person has the disease, than to know what sort of disease a person has.' Somehow this type of thinking has gotten lost in today's medicine.
    Viridian is a big-hearted company, committed to creating a nutritional supplement range with integrity, quality and innovation. The company was founded in 1999 on two fundamental principles; to develop a range of supplements with the highest possible ethical standards and to generate significant funds for children's and environmental charities.
  3. Tibb: Meet the Man Behind the Medicine
    Tibb: Meet the Man Behind the Medicine

    I feel greatly honoured to be writing about Professor Rashid Bhikha, the founder of Tibb in South Africa.

  4. Ayurveda For You - Keep Your Liver Healthy With Ayurveda
    Ayurveda For You - Keep Your Liver Healthy With Ayurveda
    Liver congestion is among the leading health problems in the world. What's more, it usually takes many years of chronic liver congestion before liver damage becomes apparent. This is because liver enzyme levels in the blood only show when there is advanced liver cell destruction. Someone could have a liver problem for years and have physical complaints but the liver enzyme levels in the blood won't show until it is fairly advanced.
  5. Celebrating Good Choices Dr Yesheen Singh
    Celebrating Good Choices Dr Yesheen Singh
    Summer is a season of celebrations, of both beginnings and endings. The cold wet days of winter are behind us with (mostly) sunny skies ahead. We've come to the end of the school, university and work year and a relaxing holiday awaits. We also celebrate the end of the Gregorian year, with a new one full of hope and potential to follow. Most importantly we celebrate life - another year in this spectacular complex physical body, on this wonderfully enriching planet, another year to grow and evolve, another year to move beyond our fears towards our highest potential.
  6. Healthy Liver For Life By Gabriel Byrne
    Healthy Liver For Life By Gabriel Byrne
    An indulgent festive season means an increased toxic load on your liver which is probably already burdened by lifestyle habits. From dietary awareness to supportive supplements and lifestyle practices take some advice on not only surviving the silly season but maintaining a clean, healthy liver for life.
  7. Ayurveda For You - Boost Your Memory
    Ayurveda For You - Boost Your Memory
    From foods to herbs, breathing, yoga and meditation, there are many natural ways of increasing your memory. Dr Harshada Rama tells us how.
  8. Finding Balance In The Body By Dr Yesheen Singh
    Finding Balance In The Body By Dr Yesheen Singh
    Balance, equilibrium, harmony... we use these words to describe the process of making equal, evening out, creating stability. Balance is not a static state, but rather a dynamic one, like trying to maintain your footing while standing on an ocean rock with the waves rolling in around your feet. Just as you find your balance another wave rolls in, requiring a muscular response to keep balanced. In life these waves represent the internal and external changes in our mind, body and spirit. Believe it or not, we get to choose how big the waves will be, and therefore how much energy we need to spend to counter them. The bigger the wave the more expensive or exhaustive it is for us.
  9. The Highs And Lows Of Diabetes
    The Highs And Lows Of Diabetes
    With the rising rates of obesity worldwide, Type II diabetes is also rising ' both are preventable by living a healthy life.
  10. Are You Too Acidic?
    Are You Too Acidic?
    Have you ever wondered if many of the diseases raging through our societies have a common cause? Our Eco Diva and co-owner of Vitology ' The Science of good Health Nicole Sherwin, highlights the need to find and keep our body in pH balance.
  11. Be Skin Cancer Wise
    Be Skin Cancer Wise
    South Africa has the second highest recorded rate of skin cancer. If you have any concerns about your skin, take adequate precautions by visiting a dermatologist for a skin check.
  12. Up, Up & Away
    Up, Up & Away
    Try our 16 tips for promoting happiness
  13. Happiness Is... By Dr Yesheen
    Happiness Is... By Dr Yesheen
    Happiness has been lauded as an elusive state of being to be attained and held onto, lest it slip out of your grasp like a wriggly puppy.
  14. Ayurveda For You - In Tune With Nature
    Ayurveda For You - In Tune With Nature
    In a modern world where we are inundated by stress, high-demands, pollution and adulterated views of reality, it is crucial that the modern woman regains her Shakti (sacred force) and balance by aligning her mind-body-spirit with the rhythms of Nature. Ayurveda describes in great detail the three doshas (constitutional types) that correspond to the three stages of a woman's life: Childhood is represented by Kapha; womanhood by Pitta and old age by Vata. Each phase in a woman's life serves a distinct purpose in her physical, mental, and spiritual evolution. From irregular menstruation, pregnancy and menopause, Ayurveda can help women regain balance.
  15. Emotional Freedom
    Emotional Freedom
    Getting through life unscathed by challenges and trauma is almost impossible. And it's not about experiencing what may be considered a major trauma like abuse or a catastrophic accident ' simple day-to-day living can be charged with emotional challenges.
  16. Cancer Without Chemo
    Cancer Without Chemo
    Receiving a cancer diagnosis slams into you, forging immediate thoughts of death, pain and loss. Although the risk of dying from cancer, if it's diagnosed early enough, isn't as high as it was some 30 years ago, there's still a long journey ahead that conventionally involves aggressive and dangerous treatment.
  17. Be Your Best - Meet Dr. Boxall's
    Be Your Best - Meet Dr. Boxall's
    Dr. Boxall's is committed to bringing you the highest quality, organically grown plant derived natural medicines, tested for potency and safety, with the goodness captured ' as nature intended it!
  18. Touching On Teeth
    Touching On Teeth
    Teething can be a confusing time for parents as it's often difficult to know if baby is irritable from teething or something else. We look at gentle remedies to ease the symptoms and help baby stay comfortable through the teething period.
  19. Beauty Starts Within
    Beauty Starts Within
    Dr Yesheen gives us all the facts why we should pay more attention to the age old adage that 'beauty comes from within'.
  20. Get Your Brain Moving
    Get Your Brain Moving
    It's well known that an infant's brain is a veritable sponge ' soaking up information every moment of the day.
  21. Stripped Bare
    Stripped Bare
    In honour of Alzheimer's awareness month Chad Meihuizen tells a heart wrenching story of how losing his father to Alzheimer's has ignited a passion to create awareness around the disease.
  22. Dancing Between Light & Dark
    Dancing Between Light & Dark
    Being awake during the day and sleeping at night is a natural pattern of behaviour we call the sleep-wake cycle or the circadian rhythm.
  23. Dream Your Own Dreams
    Dream Your Own Dreams
    There's nothing quite so frustrating as lying in bed, wide-awake and knowing that in a mere few hours you'll have to be up and about, moving forward in a new day.
  24. Tossing & Turning
    Tossing & Turning
    Other than insomnia, there are some sleep disorders that are relatively common and can be potentially life-threatening.
  25. Spine Align Meet The Family
    Spine Align Meet The Family
    When Steve Moubray, co-founder of Spine Align developed his pay off line 'We watch your Back', he meant it literally.
  26. The Abs's Of Zzzzs
    The Abs's Of Zzzzs
    Ask an honest scientist and they'll tell you sleeping is a cure for sleepiness.
  27. Skin Tingling Treatments
    Skin Tingling Treatments

    While you may be doing all the right things in terms of sustaining mental and physical energy throughout the day, waking your skin up might be just the thing for a total energy infusion.


  28. Fabulous Fenugreek
    Fabulous Fenugreek
    This is a great spice to use for winter colds as it is excellent in helping clear up mucus conditions.
  29. Winter Detox
    Winter Detox

    It may seem strange to do a detox in winter, but there’s nothing like a bowl of delicious nutrient-dense soup and a sauna to balance out the winter chills.

  30. Boost & Balance Your Brain
    Boost & Balance Your Brain
    Naturally take control of your moods and sharpen your brain power.
  31. Magical Spice
    Magical Spice
    Add cinnamon wherever you can.
  32. Pills For Every Ill
    Pills For Every Ill
    Popping a 'pill for every ill' has become standard practice in Western culture.
  33. Pay Attention To Yourself
    Pay Attention To Yourself
    Daily maintenance processing emotional and bodily stress is highly necessary. This is especially so if you lead a high stress life. Dr Yesheen Singh from Health Nation explains the importance of knowing the body mind connection and engaging in practices to let off some steam.
  34. Smooth Moves
    Smooth Moves
    Creaking, stiff and sore joints aren't just reserved for the aged and infirm. Get your joints in youthful shape by taking care of them, and yourself, learn how to prevent arthritis and reduce pain. OUCH! The causes of joint pain are varied, but can be an injury or disease that affects your ligaments, tendons or bursae (sac filled with fluid usually found in areas subjected to friction) surrounding your joints, as well as cartilage, bones and ligaments inside your joints. Joint inflammation, like arthritis, is also a cause of pain.
  35. Over The Dose
    Over The Dose
    If you regularly take any drugs, prescription or street drugs, it is essential to take a good Multi-vitamin with Minerals, Anti-oxidants, Vitamin B complex and Essential Fatty Acids.
  36. Herbs for Winter Health
    Herbs for Winter Health
    DID YOU KNOW? Winter is the dark side of the season and a great time to build and store energy like a seed in the ground does.
  37. How do I overcome sugar cravings?
    How do I overcome sugar cravings?
    Natural Health tips from the College of Natural Health.
  38. PROTECT YOUR PACKAGE by Lara Potgieter
    PROTECT YOUR PACKAGE by Lara Potgieter
    Thanks to the widespread success of the Movember movement, prostate cancer has finally become more commonly and comfortably included in today's lexicon. But what about erectile dysfunction, or testicular deficiency syndrome? Could we create a cultural phenomenon that sees men boasting hip facial hair in honour of these struggles?

    Are you able to wake up every morning and say, 'I feel healthy, I feel happy and I feel terrific', or is it more like waking up and saying, 'I feel grumpy, I feel tired and I feel terrible'?

    Ah, dem bones, dem bones..   Our bones are the one part of our anatomy we neglect almost totally, yet our bones are alive, growing and constantly changing. The skeleton performs so many important functions.
  41. WATER WITH MORE by Kirsten Alexander
    WATER WITH MORE by Kirsten Alexander
    Water is the essence of life, it is also a carrier of memory, vibrations and intentions. We look at the wonderful ways you can influence and add more to this magnificent foundation of life.
  42. Homemade edible face mask
    Homemade edible face mask
    If you are out of time to get to a Spa or out of budget to buy a mask this month, turn to your fridge! Go the natural route with a homemade face mask.
  43. BEHIND THE SCENES with Osteopathy by Lara Potgieter
    BEHIND THE SCENES with Osteopathy by Lara Potgieter
    We've been hearing quite a lot lately about osteopathy, a healthcare system that essentially emphasises the relationship between structure and function in the body. While it can't be studied in South Africa and there aren't many local practitioners, we managed to track one down in our attempt to discover a bit more about the elusive modality.
  44. THE PRINCIPLES OF YOUTH by Dr Kevin Lentin
    THE PRINCIPLES OF YOUTH by Dr Kevin Lentin
    Growing older can be disease free, energising and liberating. All it takes is breaking degenerative practices, ideas and thoughts and following a lifestyle that feeds youthfulness. Dr Kevin Lentin shares some of the principles of youth.
  45. Know Dairy, no dairy?
    Know Dairy, no dairy?

    There's been a lot of to and fro in the dairy debate over the years, with various invested media and even governmental organisations claiming dairy is good for us, while many involved in the study and practice of nutrition advise against it.

  46. Power Up On Plants By Kelly Schreuder
    Power Up On Plants By Kelly Schreuder

    A good diet should support optimum wellness and achieve goals like balanced weight, healthier gut function or improved cholesterol profiles. Despite many variations in the issues I treat, one message is clear: a healthy, preventive diet for most conditions is based on a variety of real foods, including plenty of plant foods such as whole grains, legumes, fruits, vegetables and vegetable oils like olive oil. We can then add contributions from all other food groups to ensure variety and enough protein, essential fats and micronutrients like iron and calcium. Also important is minimising potentially dangerous and unhealthy foods and substances like alcohol, processed meat, excess salt and refined sugar.

  47. Clean Brew
    Clean Brew

    We love this detox drink with active charcoal to help get rid of toxins. Commit to drinking it every morning for a week or longer and feel assured that you're contributing to a healthier, cleaner body.

    There's always been something quite mystical about saffron. Most of us know saffron as a delicately fragranced spice used in exotic recipes. But since ancient Persian times saffron has been used to enhance mood, relieve stress and as an aphrodisiac.
    Whether you're a 'stiff upper lip' type or a doctor junkie, some pains can be worrying, while others can be taken in your stride ' it's important to be able to distinguish which pains you need to be concerned about
  50. Natural Health tips from the College of Natural Health
    Natural Health tips from the College of Natural Health
    A relationship between gut issues and hormone imbalances
  51. 5 Supplements to calm you by Cheryl Stevens
    5 Supplements to calm you by Cheryl Stevens
    Invite a whole new level of calm by deciding you can, and then taking natural calming supplements to help you along the way.
  52. 7 Meditation tips to help you destress
    7 Meditation tips to help you destress
    Take the stress out of your day, as the first step to Heart Health. Here are 7 tips to help you get started:
    Many qualified medical doctors are opting to use traditional, holistic and complementary healing arts in their practices. They're referred to as Integrative Medicine Practitioners and adopt an approach to healing that recognises the holistic and unique nature of human beings. Integrative Medicine also focuses on the orientation of medicine from one of disease to one of healing. We ask Dr Sedicka Laskery?why she's so passionate about Integrative Medicine.
    Back pain can be debilitating and extremely inconvenient, especially if you are a mother of a toddler and picking up your child is a necessary part of daily existence.Back pain can be debilitating and extremely inconvenient, especially if you are a mother of a toddler and picking up your child is a necessary part of daily existence. Often back pain comes from years of incorrect posture and requires a period of strengthening muscles and teaching the body improved movement. Getting to the core of the problem with professional advice is the quickest way to correct the problem.  
    We couldn't think of anyone more appropriate to feature on our February cover than Dr Leila Sadien and being our Valentine issue we were delighted to have her partner, the talented designer Yaaseen Kader featured with her. Dr Leila is a remarkable woman, not only has she qualified as a medical doctor but she has an integrated approach to healing that incorporates all aspects of body, mind and soul. She's also not a sissy when it comes to aesthetic medicine, something she speaks about with passion and ease. When I asked Leila what attracted her to healing and medicine as a career she answered, 'It was in my bones, I'm a healer by nature and couldn't have escaped if I tried.'

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