In the Zone

Leverage the principles of Blue Zone living for greater health and happiness...

On 4 March 2024, Maria Branyas Morera, the oldest person living today, celebrated her 117th birthday. While it may be puzzling as to how someone can live such a long life, living well into triple digits is simply business as usual in some extraordinary corners of the world. 

‘Blue Zones’ are specific regions known for the remarkable longevity and overall well-being of their inhabitants. They include Okinawa, Japan; Icaria, Greece; the Nuoro Province in Sardinia, Italy; the Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica; and Loma Linda, California. 

Researchers have focused on these remarkable places and people to unravel common lifestyle and dietary patterns among their residents. Given the diverse backgrounds, cultural traditions and environments of the five Blue Zone populations, there isn't a singular 'Blue Zone diet.' However, there are consistent themes or 'Blue Zone foods' prevalent in their diets, with a noteworthy emphasis on self-produced and locally available foods.

These shared characteristics, referred to as the 'Power 9,' serve as a valuable guide to unlocking the secrets of longevity.


Maintaining a moderate calorie intake seems to be crucial, with Blue Zone inhabitants often opting for a smaller evening meal with overnight fasting. These communities avoid overindulgence and naturally embrace time-restricted eating. 

Plant slant 

Their diets exhibit a 'plant slant,' with beans, pulses, roots (including potatoes) and green leafy vegetables constituting a significant portion - around 95% - of the overall Blue Zone dietary composition. Occasionally, lean sources of animal protein like fish and limited amounts of dairy, along with healthy fats such as olive oil and nuts, are also included on the table. 


Among the Blue Zone communities, four out of five indulge in wine, yet they tend to do so in moderation and often in the company of others. 


Moderate, regular physical activity is seamlessly woven into the daily lives of Blue Zone communities. They don't rely on visits to the gym; instead, they inhabit environments that naturally demand physical engagement, be it cultivating their own food, tending to livestock, or performing everyday chores.


Blue Zone communities enjoy a sense of purpose and a positive outlook, which has been estimated to add seven years to life expectancy.

Wind down

They also embrace routines that afford them moments of respite. This could involve prayer, afternoon siestas, social gatherings, or simply dedicated time to unwind. 


The majority of Blue Zone communities embrace a faith or possess a strong sense of spirituality, also contributing to a profound sense of life fulfilment.


A robust commitment to family ties permeates these communities, whether directed towards a life partner, dedicating time to children, or providing support to ageing parents.

Positive Pack 

The world's longest-living people are either born into or choose to create social circles that support healthy behaviours, making it easier for them to stick to their health habits.

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