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  1. Water Baby
    Water Baby
    During hot summer days, the chance to dive into crystal clear waters is almost too good to pass up. Make the most of your splashes, though, and integrate a fantastic workout into your summertime fun.
  2. Home Stretch
    Home Stretch
    Stretching has numerous benefits, it gives you a wonderful sense of your body, makes you feel healthier and more capable.
  3. Dance Yourself To Happiness
    Dance Yourself To Happiness
    Biodanza is a fusion of music, movement and emotion.
  4. 5 Rhythms Dance
    5 Rhythms Dance
    The 5Rhythms dance practice is unlike any mainstream dance class.
  5. Doze Off With Qigong
    Doze Off With Qigong
    'Master, I have trouble sleeping well, do you have any advice?' - 'Yes, I do', answered Qigong Master Jianshe Liu, 'I think you worry too much and you are too nervous, so please try not to sleep at all tonight.' The next day the student approached Jianshe and said: 'Master, I am sorry, I tried to follow your advice, but I slept very well.'
  6. Meet Zumba Fundi Lucas Mthenjane
    Meet Zumba Fundi Lucas Mthenjane
    If anyone oozes abundant energy and emulates life force, it's Lucas Mthenjane. We caught up with this Zumba superstar to see what gives him such gorgeous appeal and exactly what he does that infects his students with such passion.
  7. Journey Through Dance
    Journey Through Dance
    Dancing as a transformative practice has been used in many cultures throughout history.
  8. Tighten Upper Arms
    Tighten Upper Arms
    Throwing on your favourite tee is disconcerting when you notice your arms have suddenly lost their muscle tone and look flabby and soft. Resolve to tighten them up with a combination of cardio, weight training and healthy food choices. The size of your arms depends on both body type and how much excess fat you have. Building muscle will help 'burn' away the fat but this requires exercising. Changing your food choices and quantity will significantly contribute to the result.
    Ah, dem bones, dem bones..   Our bones are the one part of our anatomy we neglect almost totally, yet our bones are alive, growing and constantly changing. The skeleton performs so many important functions.
  10. Yoga as a Way of Being by Lara Potgieter
    Yoga as a Way of Being by Lara Potgieter
    True yoga prioritises the training of the mind as highly as that of the body. While it is by no means a religion, it can be seen as a form of spiritual practice, serving to help us self-actualise and live our lives in a state of balance and union.
    True freedom is an inside job.
    Be softer with you You are a breathing thing A memory to someone A home to a life Nayyirah Waheed
    With fitness and movement forever evolving you need never get bored. We take a look at 3 new fitness trends.
  14. Peaceful Warriors
    Peaceful Warriors

    Everything in Jiu-Jitsu is based on defence, rather than attack. In traditional fighting systems, the only way to resolve a conflict is by punching and kicking harder than your opponent, leaving him battered, bruised and generally rather miserable. In Jiu-Jitsu you take your opponent's aggression, turn it around on him and get him into a 'submission hold', where he then has the option of stopping the fight and 'tapping' to indicate submission. The situation is resolved, no harm has been inflicted, and all involved understand with clarity that the conflict is over. This is in alignment with Jiu-Jitsu's fundamental principle, which is to do no harm.

  15. Dancing from the Womb
    Dancing from the Womb
    Belly dancing is the perfect exercise to celebrate Women's month. We speak to belly dance teacher Marissa Cuenoud more about the dancing from your womb.
  16. Fitness Holiday by Kirsten Alexander
    Fitness Holiday by Kirsten Alexander
    Choosing a holiday with an  opportunity to be active will boost your fitness and leave you feeling restored and alive
    Make your fitness experience work for you by being fully equipped. What you pack into your gym bag can make you super inspired to master your workout. Here's a checklist of everything you might need especially if you're heading off to work afterwards.
    Back pain can be debilitating and extremely inconvenient, especially if you are a mother of a toddler and picking up your child is a necessary part of daily existence.Back pain can be debilitating and extremely inconvenient, especially if you are a mother of a toddler and picking up your child is a necessary part of daily existence. Often back pain comes from years of incorrect posture and requires a period of strengthening muscles and teaching the body improved movement. Getting to the core of the problem with professional advice is the quickest way to correct the problem.  
    With numerous different training programmes and exercise disciplines have we lost the big picture idea of truly being present in our bodies? Yasmin Lambat, Somatic Movement therapist takes us more deeply into the art of movement and discusses important aspects around 'training' the core and allowing more awareness into movement.
  20. Can Chia Seeds help with Sports Training?
    Can Chia Seeds help with Sports Training?
    Natural Health tips from the College of Natural Health.
    One of the most debilitating conditions affecting millions of people is osteoarthritis. If, during the course of your day, you engage in multiple repetitive movements ' like computer work, painting, hammering nails, or anything similar, or if you are an athlete that uses your body a lot, if you are overweight or have an acidic diet you might be at risk of developing some type of arthritis. Osteoarthritis severely limits people's enjoyment of life and is well worth guarding against. Here are some lifestyle tips and recommended supplements to make sure you remain fluid and flexible with fully functioning joints.
    Smartly timed snacks will optimize your body's fat-burning and muscle building capabilities. Eat the right things and you'll make fuel-ready energy to feel at your peak. Rather than any big meals before working out, have a snack at least an hour beforehand. Yogis recommend not eating at least two hours before. It does also depend on how much you eat and whether you are hungry.
  23. Water Baby By Nicola Joubert
    Water Baby By Nicola Joubert
    Before birth, babies are in the womb surrounded by water, they're swimming for nine months and have a natural affinity for water. Swimming with your child from birth has many special benefits. Besides making them feel relaxed and one in the water it's also a lovely way for parents to learn how to handle their little one's with confidence.
  24. FINDING FLEXIBILITY by Cheryl Stevens
    FINDING FLEXIBILITY by Cheryl Stevens
    Lack of flexibility for most of us today is a reality with the lifestyles we lead. With the amount of sitting we do in our cars, sitting in front of the TV and the lack of exercise ' this all contributes to shortened stiffer muscles. Tight hamstrings pull the pelvis out of alignment and create pressure on the lower back. Tight muscles reduce the range of motion in the body and make the body feel stressed and heavy. Tension in the muscles also effects circulation of blood to the whole body. Flexibility is one of the first things to go as our bodies enter adulthood and we continue to age.
    Keeping your work-out exciting and motivating might mean adding a bit of variation. Here are some of the trends shared by top fitness pro's.
  26. WE TRIED IT ' Electro Muscle Stimulation
    WE TRIED IT ' Electro Muscle Stimulation
    Being hooked up to muscle stimulating electrodes in an outfit that looks like you're off on a trip to Mars feels somewhat overwhelming at first. Well, for me it did. Being a 'hike in the mountains, yogi' kind of gal, I'd never thought of going to any form of gym, let alone be wired up to a machine but here I was at Body20 in Claremont, Cape Town ready to try it out.

    Q&A with Rushda Ebrahim


    Combine the positive aspects of mindfulness and the healing effect of water and you get mindful swimming. This has the potential for significant healing on physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual planes. You start off with all your everyday worries and emerge with a feeling of happiness and freedom. Nicola Joubert is a firm advocate of mindful swimming, she even teaches it in Cape Town. 'Consciously appreciate the transcendent power of water and air, mentally capture the transition from land to water and you can take it home with you and tap into it at a later date', she says. We asked her for some of the wellness concepts and tips behind this movement practice.

  29. CAPOEIRA Fighting Fit
    CAPOEIRA Fighting Fit
    Having a slow start on his New Year resolution to get fit, reluctant exerciser Roddy Louther finally finds a movement form that does it for him. He gives us the low down on Capoeira, the movement, the history and the thrill of the 'game'.
    After an accident left Gordon Stevens in a coma with multiple broken bones, he found a way to regain mobility, teach himself to walk again and get back onto a fitness regime. We speak to him about courage, determination and getting back on track.
  31. Man Up
    Man Up
    After a convincing conversation on the benefits of manning-up, Roddy Louther took himself off to a boxing gym to see how much testosterone he could invoke. He tells us how it all started.
    Obstacle coursing is the new fitness trend for the fun loving. Crawling through mud, jumping through fire hoops and climbing ladders has never been more fun.
  33. Yoga Baby!
    Yoga Baby!
    A happy baby doing the Happy Baby pose? When Hilaria Baldwin (yoga teacher and wife of Alec) posted a picture of herself doing the yoga position with her little one on Instagram this January moms across the world exhaled a collective sigh of '#Looooooove'. Yoga for baby and moms has since started exploding in popularity. So what's behind the craze? And is it safe?
  34. Salute the Sun
    Salute the Sun
    Learn a yoga routine that stretches all muscle groups with a flowing sequence called Surya Namaskar or Sun Salutation. Not only does it improve the body's flexibility but it also helps regulate breathing and focus the mind. It's an energy giving sequence designed to make you strong, powerful, glowing and confident. Once you are familiar with the routine you can do it at home on your own but first get help from a yoga teacher to ensure you are doing the postures correctly.
  35. Yogi Eco Warrior
    Yogi Eco Warrior
    Combining eco issues and a love for yoga, Anupama gives us details about how she got involved bringing yoga products to South Africa under the Billy the Bee label.
  36. Forget how old you are
    Forget how old you are
    'Forget how old you are,' is Shirley Kaplan's advice to anyone over 50. At the age of 82 Shirley is more active than most 20 year-olds and way more adventurous than anyone you might meet. From hiking the Antarctic to climbing Table Mountain or waterskiing along rivers, it's all in a day's fun for the unstoppable Shirley.
    When Brian Berkman's doctor told him he was dangerously unhealthy, he needed to radically change his lifestyle. Setting his mind to what seemed to be an impossible challenge, he lost 83 kg ' naturally.
    Bowled away by the monumentous acheivements and extreme staying power of Ryan Sandes, we had to find out for ourselves exactly what makes him tick. Cheryl Stevens catches up with Ryan in an interview.
  39. Open your Hips by Cheryl Stevens
    Open your Hips by Cheryl Stevens
    Tight hips are a modern day phenomenon. Wondering if you have them? Chances are you do' and your job is to blame! Why do we have such tight hips you ask?  It's due to our hip flexors shortening throughout the day as a result of sitting for long periods of time. Whether it's at your desk, in the car or in front of the TV we are spending too much time sitting and being stationary.
  40. YIN YOGA

    "Be still like a mountain, and flow like a great river." - Tao Te Ching


  41. Moving with the Elements By Nicola Joubert
    Moving with the Elements By Nicola Joubert
    Learning to listen to your body and what it really needs is a skill many of us have lost touch with.  Nicola Joubert went on a yoga retreat with Shiva Rea and offers us a renewed perspective on how connecting to the elements and seasons can be a heart shifting practice that can open you up and re connect you to yourself.
  42. THE THRILL OF THE MARATHON by Cheryl Stevens
    THE THRILL OF THE MARATHON by Cheryl Stevens
    Why would anyone voluntarily choose to run distances that could literally kill them? If it doesn't  kill them, it will certainly play havoc with their joints, their feet and their hearts.
  43. BETTER BONES by Kirsten Alexander
    BETTER BONES by Kirsten Alexander
    Strangely, the festive season is a common time for household injuries; reports document injuries like those from falling off ladders while putting up Christmas lights; slipping while trying out a child's toy and adventurous fitness activities.
  44. Meet our Supplier - CIPLA NUTRITION
    Meet our Supplier - CIPLA NUTRITION
  45. RISE & SHINE
    5 good morning stretches
  46. SPINE SAVVY  Dr Murray McDonald
    SPINE SAVVY Dr Murray McDonald
    Weight lifting, done improperly, can cause injury. Catherine Hayden speaks to strength trainer and chiropractor Dr Murray McDonald on technique, form and fallacy. 
  47. LIVING YOGA by Zoey Lapinsky
    LIVING YOGA by Zoey Lapinsky

    It's easy to practice yoga when you love doing it. Bring commitment, dedication, passion and strength to your practice with some guiding principles.

  48. Which Whey to go?
    Which Whey to go?
    We look at the different options and attributes of this muscle growing protein.
  49. 5 Heart Healthy benefits of Yoga
    5 Heart Healthy benefits of Yoga
    Yoga has many health benefits, but can it help your heart stay healthy? More and more evidence says 'yes':
    Since our first hot yoga studio in Cape Town opened its doors twelve years ago, pioneer Fulvio Grandin has welcomed more than twenty thousand yogis through his doors and hosted numerous teachers. Cape Town now has five dedicated hot yoga studios. Each of them with hundreds of followers firmly dedicated to a daily fix of endorphin boosting hot yoga.
  51. Fitness Supplements do you need them?
    Fitness Supplements do you need them?

    'Get ripped!' 'Gain muscle fast!' Just about every pharmacy and health shop ' including Wellness Warehouse ' has shelves of products designed to make you leaner, faster, and fitter. Unfortunately, the only way to make lasting changes to your body composition is to work out and eat healthily. And the more you want to change your body, especially when it comes to building muscle, the harder you have to work at it. Luckily there are supplements out there that will make a difference to the results you get. It all depends what you're looking for.


  52. Meet James Duigan
    Meet James Duigan
    We were lucky to catch up with James Duigan, world-renowned wellness guru and owner of Bodyism, London's premier health and fitness facility, on his new book tour in Cape Town. James is one of the World's top personal trainers with A-list clients like Elle McPherson, Rosie Huntington-Whitely, Lara Stone and Hugh Grant. Cheryl Stevens gets the low down on all matters to do with lifestyle and healthy living.
  53. Natural Born Runner
    Natural Born Runner
    You see them out on the road, lots of them, running. People that simply have to run and unless you are a runner yourself, you can't help wondering why.
  54. Keep Adapting Your Workout'Here's Why
    Keep Adapting Your Workout'Here's Why
    There is no Ideal Routine?If your current exercise regime routinely comprises the same types of exercises and activities, your margins of experience and comfort are limited. That means the breadth of your fitness and abilities are also limited. By constantly changing your workouts you grow your margins of experience and develop a far broader base of fitness.
    The mention of carbs can throw fear into most people trying to eat a healthy diet. With so much confusing info out there about carbs, let's simplify some of the facts:
    If you think you don't have time to exercise, think again. Here's a heart pumping, endorphin releasing routine that only takes 10 minutes and will make your body feel it's alive. Besides that you'll be energized, boost your circulation and build some muscles. Use this on days when you can't get to your normal training routine, your hike or yoga class.
  57. Transform your life
    Transform your life
    Minessa Martin had her health 'ah-ha' moment at Kirstenbosch Gardens. Feeling exhausted from a short walk, she looked up at Table Mountain and realised she was too out of shape to enjoy the hikes in the natural beauty that so many Capetonians take for granted. This was the start of her journey towards a healthier and better life. 
  58. THE PELVIC FLOOR By Sylvia Lampe
    THE PELVIC FLOOR By Sylvia Lampe
    Admittedly, the pelvic floor is not something we generally think of including in our workout, who even knows its exact location or what it feels like if you flex it, but strengthening it has widespread benefits. We speak to Sylvia Lampe, President of the Callanetics Teachers Association of South Africa about the benefits and how exactly, to exercise it.
  59. Mind Over Muscle - by Kirsten Alexander
    Mind Over Muscle - by Kirsten Alexander
    Is true strength really all in the mind? From the ancients to modern day body builders, it appears there's something in it.

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