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  1. Surviving Silly Season The Wellness Way
    Surviving Silly Season The Wellness Way

    Silly season is officially under way, and after the past year (or two!) of uncertainty and stress, we are more than ready to let our hair down!

  2. The Core: Your Pregnancy Powerhouse
    The Core: Your Pregnancy Powerhouse

    There’s a wealth of scientific research on the physical and mental benefits of regular exercise. The advantages of the right type of movement can endure throughout pregnancy, as well as help to prepare your body for all types of birth, and bolster baby’s development to boot.


  3. Overcoming Fear & Anxiety in the Time of COVID-19
    Overcoming Fear & Anxiety in the Time of COVID-19

    In this stressful time of global pandemic, most of us have experienced some degree of fear and anxiety thanks to the overwhelming uncertainty and insecurity that COVID-19 has evoked in us. It is scientifically proven that fear and anxiety counteract healthy resilience and, when prolonged, will undermine the immune system. They are lethal emotions that can contribute to heart attacks, strokes and stomach ulcers, to name just a few anxiety-related health issues. It is blatantly clear that an impaired immune system can place us in great danger during a disease outbreak such as this, as the evidence irrefutably points to immuno-compromised and elderly people as the most vulnerable demographic. The fear of the virus has led to an unprecedented, prolonged global lockdown that has subsequently resulted in secondary anxiety responses that only serve to further impact our immune systems. Anxieties of isolation, deprivation, loss, uncertainty, fake news and insecurity are all around us, but we cannot allow fear and stress to further weaken our immune systems.


  4. What COVID-19 Has Taught Us About Fitness
    What COVID-19 Has Taught Us About Fitness

    While living through the COVID-19 pandemic has been incredibly emotionally and mentally draining, the crisis has also presented us with a few positive opportunities. Lockdown restrictions have afforded many of us a lot more spare time, and the best thing we can do with this is invest it in our wellbeing. Meditation, online courses, mindfulness and self-reflection are all fantastic and worthy practices. However, I argue that the best place to start is with your physical health. When you are taking care of your body, everything else seems to fall into place. And while you may not be able to train at your local gym right now, there’s a lot that you can do at home.


  5. Revitalising Rooibos
    Revitalising Rooibos

    Rooibos tea is a beloved pantry staple across the globe, but its roots are firmly planted in South Africa. A cup of this spectacular brew tastes beautiful, and boasts a long list of health benefits!


  6. Every Breath You Take
    Every Breath You Take

    “Breath is the link between mind and body.” - Dan Brulé

    Breathwork has been around for hundreds of years. In the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, written some 2500 years ago, the practice of breath control or breath therapy is termed pranayama, and it is one of eight ‘limbs’ of Ashtanga or Classical Yoga.


  7. Sleep: The Underrated Immune Booster
    Sleep: The Underrated Immune Booster

    Vitamin C and zinc quickly became the supplements of choice when COVID-19 hit, and considering that the virus will be sticking around for a while, this might be a trend with some longevity. In times of uncertainty, we look to the things that we can control, which means going for all the vitamins, minerals and supplements we know will help to support our bodies and immune systems. While these will assist in taking care of your wellbeing, there’s an even more basic, tried-and-tested immune booster that tops any fancy supplement or superfood. It also happens to be totally free, and in unlimited supply...


  8. Fabulous Ferments for a Super System
    Fabulous Ferments for a Super System

    The majority of your body’s immune cells are located in your gut, which is why a happy tummy is essential for a strong immune system. One of the best ways to keep your digestive system fit and fabulous is with fermented foods and drinks. These products are packed with probiotics, enzymes and yeasts, all of which can help to support the growth of good gut bacteria so that we can properly digest and absorb the nutrients that we need.


  9. Immune Support: A Four-Factor Approach
    Immune Support: A Four-Factor Approach

    Functional Health and Wellness Coach Nikki Temkin shares tips and advice for how you can support your immune system by focusing on four key aspects: supplementation, nutrition, stress management and sleep.


  10. Your A - Z of Natural Beauty Solutions
    Your A - Z of Natural Beauty Solutions

    As we race between work, errands, social commitments, workouts and the endless ups and downs of life, our bodies are engaged in an endless battle with the outside world. And oh, baby, baby, it’s a wild world. Our hair, skin and nails are subjected to some pretty rough wear and tear, and it’s important to show them some love every once in a while. Not only will you be protecting and preserving their wellbeing, you will also find that the mental, emotional and physical benefits of regular self-care can be life-changing. 

  11. Your Clean, Green Home: A Room-by-Room Guide
    Your Clean, Green Home: A Room-by-Room Guide

    A clean and hygienic living environment is essential for good health, both physically and mentally. Unfortunately, many of the cleaning products on the market are packed with harsh and potentially harmful ingredients. What’s more, the production process can often negatively impact the environment due to the pollutants that are pumped into the air, as well as the chemical run-offs. And while most of us know that conventional cleaning products have some serious drawbacks, we still reach for them because it seems logical that strong, chemical-based products will be the most effective in clearing out dirt and germs. However, there are actually tons of gentle and effective earth-friendly products, DIY solutions and tricks that you can rely on to keep your home a haven of health and happiness! 


  12. Ask Our Wellness Consultant: Immune Support
    Ask Our Wellness Consultant: Immune Support

    We hope you have been making use of our online helpline, which we launched as part of our ongoing efforts to help you live life well in this trying time.

    We'll be sharing helpful Q&As from emails sent to our online wellness consultant so that we call all live #WELLTogether.


  13. Sonja's Supplements of the Month
    Sonja's Supplements of the Month

    Our National Training Manager Sonja Hindley gives us an insight into the powerful plants of our indigenous soils and lists some of her favourite winter supplements...

    Medicinal plants have been our allies for centuries, and numerous cultures still rely on indigenous plants for their primary health care needs. There has been a major resurgence of interest in the benefits of traditional medicine, and we are starting to tap into the powerful history of indigenous wisdom in South Africa. While scanning our shelves, you may have noticed African potato, aloe ferox, rooibos, buchu, devil’s claw and sceletium – these are all beautiful, healing plants from African and South African soil.


  14. Conscious Motherhood
    Conscious Motherhood

    “The mother is the key of all keys. It is through her that a new world will be born. Failure to support mothers with all of our love, strength, and wisdom is the failure of culture itself.” 

    – Womb Awakening: Initiatory Wisdom for the Creatrix of All Life by Azra Bertrand, M.D. & Seren Bertrand


  15. Plant Power
    Plant Power

    Indoor plants are the best way to bring nature into the home. But when thinking about which plant to choose, do you consider whether it’s indigenous, and how and where it was grown? This article will explore the best indigenous plants to include in each area of your home, the benefits and uses of each, and why we should be asking for organically grown when looking to green our spaces. 


  16. Help a Frontline Fighter Today
    Help a Frontline Fighter Today

    One of our top priorities at Wellness Warehouse is to do our part in uplifting our community so that we can all live #WELLTogether. As we have struggled through the COVID-19 pandemic and the nationwide lockdown, there has been a beautiful outpouring of support, love and appreciation for our healthcare workers, who are selflessly and courageously putting their lives on the line to protect the weak and vulnerable. But there is another class of hero that is not celebrated nearly enough – the frontline fighters in all other industries.

    Store cashiers, cleaners, pharmacists, security guards, civil servants, and a host of other essential workers have continued to perform their duties in this time of crisis so that we may get the goods and services that we need. Along with their own personal, familial and financial responsibilities, these exceptional individuals carry the responsibility of ensuring that society continues to function during and after the coronavirus crisis. In addition, these workers face an increased risk of infection and illness as they continue to battle the outside world while the majority of us stay safe and healthy inside our homes.

    Something has to be done, and we are the ones to do it.

    Although lockdown may keep us apart, we are all in this together. We are being called to support and protect the bravest and most vulnerable among us so that we may rise from this with strength and unity and live #WELLTogether.

    And so, as part of our continued efforts to support our unsung heroes, we are running a donation drive to supply frontline workers with face masks and hand sanitiser. All you have to do is purchase a protective face mask from us at cost (either online or in store), and we will add hand sanitiser and donate these items to a frontline fighter on your behalf.


    PS Know of any worthy organisations that we could add to our weekly distribution list? Let us know on our Facebook and Instagram pages!

  17. Beat the Burnout
    Beat the Burnout

    Burnout is a blanket term referring to a state of emotional, physical and mental exhaustion caused by excessive and prolonged stress. When you begin to feel like you’re burning out, everything in your life is affected – your career, social life, family and relationships as well as the image you have of yourself. You may feel overwhelmed, emotionally drained, and unable to meet the demands of life. Our ‘always on’ modern-day culture coupled with the daily stresses of life and the high expectations we place upon ourselves create a clear recipe for burnout.


  18. Wellbeing After 40: A Man's Essentials
    Wellbeing After 40: A Man's Essentials

    You were built to be strong, confident and vital. You were designed to build empires, carve roads through mountains, cross oceans, and even walk on the moon. These are great things that great men have done, and while the specific examples may not seem applicable to you in the here and now, know that we all have what it takes to accomplish similar feats. 


  19. Adaptogens: Your Body's New Pit Crew
    Adaptogens: Your Body's New Pit Crew

    Back in 1947, Soviet scientist Dr Nikolai Vasilyevich Lazarev was researching natural ways to increase the body’s vitality, longevity and resilience. He found that certain plants seemed to reduce cortisol levels, increase energy, enhance concentration, stabilise blood pressure, and strengthen the immune system. The end result? A body that is more resilient and can more easily adapt to stress. This adaptability lends adaptogens their name, although some sources claim that it comes from their ability to adapt to your body’s needs and provide whatever support may be necessary.


  20. April - June 2020 Editor's Choice
    April - June 2020 Editor's Choice

    From CBD supplements and ambient home touches to natural beauty and free-from foods, our magazine editor reviews this season’s must-have products.

  21. Finding the Quiet Inside
    Finding the Quiet Inside

    You’ve no doubt read or heard something about meditation as the secret sauce to a happier, healthier and more productive life. If this simple and free practice really does enable us to tap into the golden luminous nature of existence that doesn’t sweat the small stuff… why aren’t more of us doing it?

  22. Confessions of a Teen on Social Media
    Confessions of a Teen on Social Media

    As adults, we can postulate about the effects of social media on the younger generation. We may feel concern about our children’s engagement with the platforms, or even wonder what life would have been like if we had grown up in a world captured on – and largely dictated to by – Instagram, Facebook (although already outdated), Twitter and Snapchat.

    But how accurate are we in our assumptions of the toll the technology is really taking on the youngsters of today? We ask 17-year-old Tayla de Bruyn to enlighten us.

  23. The Economics of Enough
    The Economics of Enough

    Growth is one of the stupidest purposes ever invented by any culture,” commented systems thinker Donella Meadows at a 1994 sustainability conference in Costa Rica. “The only reason it can be sold so easily in every policy arena is because there is no alternative vision on offer,” she continues. “We’ve got to have enough.”

  24. Africa’s Largest Vegan Event
    Africa’s Largest Vegan Event

    More and more people are starting to explore a plant-based diet, whether for health, ethical or environmental reasons. The Economist even labelled 2019 ‘The Year of the Vegan’, marking the lifestyle’s firm entrenchment in the mainstream.

  25. Creating Your Zero-waste Home
    Creating Your Zero-waste Home

    “Refuse what you do not need, reduce what you do need, reuse what you consume, recycle what you cannot refuse, and compost the rest.”

    – Bea Johnson (Author of “Zero Waste Home”)



    Transform your home into an eco-haven and decrease your carbon footprint with our handy A to Z guide.

  27. Are you deficient
    Are you deficient

    A diet lacking in key nutrients can cause a range of unpleasant symptoms, some of which are more common than others. These are your body’s way of communicating potential vitamin and mineral deficiencies, and recognising them can help you adjust your diet and lifestyle accordingly.

  28. The Rise & Rise of CBD
    The Rise & Rise of CBD

    Commonly known as CBD, cannabidiol was discovered in the 1940s. It’s one of the 113 known cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant and constitutes up to 40% of its extract.

  29. Khayelitsha Kindness
    Khayelitsha Kindness

    In 2008, thousands of diseased, starving, injured, neglected and abused animals lived and died in Khayelitsha. Tamsin Nel, Founder and Director of the SA Mass Animal Sterilisation Trust(SA MAST), joined forces with a small team to vow that this would not be allowed to continue.

  30. The Truth About Household Cleaning Products
    The Truth About Household Cleaning Products

    Most of us use a wide range of soaps, scents, softeners and scourers in our homes, relying on the chemicals that foam, bleach and disinfect to keep our countertops germ-free and our dishes gleaming. But many of these sweet-smelling solutions also contribute to indoor air pollution, are poisonous if ingested, and can be harmful if inhaled or touched. 


  31. The Healing Process
    The Healing Process

    The body’s great ally and defence, a well-functioning immune system is the primary mechanism required for optimal healing.

  32. Move from the Heart
    Move from the Heart

    We asked a personal trainer and motivational speaker how to make exercise truly enjoyable.

  33. Health Hacks from the Yoga Kitchen
    Health Hacks from the Yoga Kitchen

    There are times when life can feel like a race against the clock, with a seemingly endless list of responsibilities to fulfill. While the prospect of making changes to your diet may seem overwhelming, if you don’t have time to eat well, you could waste even more time feeling unwell. The good news is that there are a few simple habits you can adopt to make cooking and eating for optimal wellbeing an easily ritualised part of your day and life. Here are some of our favourites…


  34. Stress Solutions
    Stress Solutions

    Every human and non-human animal experiences stress as a basic functional or survival requirement and instinct. It’s a natural and normal part of life, and can’t be avoided. Stress expert Bridget Edwards shares the typical effects of and responses to daily stressors, and offers some of her top tips for combatting the widespread challenge in daily life. 


  35. What's Your Health Score?
    What's Your Health Score?

    Our CEO tries the newly-opened Soza Health at Wellness Warehouse Benmore Gardens.

  36. Join The Clean Fitness Revolution
    Join The Clean Fitness Revolution

    Conventional sports supplements can contain artificial ingredients and unhealthy fillers, without any scientifically backed actives. Switch to cleaner supplementation with natural strength and endurance boosters.


  37. Make Your Home An Eco Haven
    Make Your Home An Eco Haven

    Follow our simple tips to create an eco-friendly home and save money and the environment…


  38. Eight Reasons to Eat Green and Save Water for World Water Day 2019
    Eight Reasons to Eat Green and Save Water for World Water Day 2019

    For #WorldWaterDay on 22 March, Humane Society International/Africa is urging consumers to Eat Green to help combat the significant contribution to water scarcity across Africa and the world from eating too much meat. Water security is one of the biggest challenges facing the world, and with South Africa facing one of the worst droughts to hit the region in decades, World Water Day is the ideal opportunity to tackle one of the biggest causes of water usage – meat, dairy and egg production.

  39. Walking The Talk With Ewan Strydom
    Walking The Talk With Ewan Strydom

    Expresso and Smile 90.4 FM presenter, model and fitness enthusiast Ewan Strydom shares his thoughts on living life well.

  40. A Message from the Heart
    A Message from the Heart
    As 2018 draws to a close and we prepare for the festive break, we're presented with a wonderful opportunity to reflect on the year that's been. 
  41. Women's Wellbeing Wisdom
    Women's Wellbeing Wisdom

    Harvard- and MIT-Educated Physician-Scientist and New York Times bestselling author of TheHormone Reset Dietand Younger, Dr Sara Gottfried visited South Africa to partner with Metagenics in presenting A Women's Health Seminar at the end of October 2018. 

  42. A Journey Back To You
    A Journey Back To You
    Imagine discovering the art of being authentically You.
    Pasella presenter, motivational speaker and health and fitness enthusiast Mishka Patel shares her thoughts on living life well.
  44. The Art Of Letting Go
    The Art Of Letting Go
    The real cause of the stress in our lives is not our perceived problems, but our mind's incessant commentary about them. Why is this mental chatter so pervasive, and how do we learn to let go of it?
  45. Get Fresh at Our Cape Town Stores
    Get Fresh at Our Cape Town Stores

    Shop our in-store fresh offering to stock your fridge with organic, small-batch and other speciality health foods. Here's a taster of what you'll find...

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