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  1. Your Natural Facial Care Regime
    Your Natural Facial Care Regime

    Stock your beauty cabinet with gentle and effective natural facial care products to purify, hydrate, soothe, treat and heal your skin without the harmful ingredients, toxins and chemicals. Here’s what you’ll need for your daily regime…


  2. Your A - Z of Natural Beauty Solutions
    Your A - Z of Natural Beauty Solutions

    As we race between work, errands, social commitments, workouts and the endless ups and downs of life, our bodies are engaged in an endless battle with the outside world. And oh, baby, baby, it’s a wild world. Our hair, skin and nails are subjected to some pretty rough wear and tear, and it’s important to show them some love every once in a while. Not only will you be protecting and preserving their wellbeing, you will also find that the mental, emotional and physical benefits of regular self-care can be life-changing. 

  3. Younger Looking Skin
    Younger Looking Skin

    Honour yourself by looking after your whole body, not just to look good, but to feel good and live a longer, happier life. Food, lifestyle and behaviour have an effect on what you look like; the saying 'you are what you eat' certainly has a ring of truth to it.


  4. Winter Beauty Guide
    Winter Beauty Guide

    You may find that your skin and hair need a bit of extra TLC during the winter.  The chilly air and winds combined with indoor heating can leave you with rough, flaky skin, and dry, lacklustre locks. Try these nourishing natural beauty rituals, products and ingredients to winter-proof your skin and hair…

  5. Winter Beauty
    Winter Beauty
    During the winter months we have a tendency to layer up, cover up and settle in. Your make-up and beauty routine is one aspect of your life that need not hibernate. Read on for 15 beauty tips to inspire your grooming routine. 
  6. Wellness Green Tea Spritzer
    Wellness Green Tea Spritzer
    The amazing antioxidant power of green tea isn't only good for you on the inside. Use this anti-ageing spritzer if your skin's feeling dehydrated by heating at home or in the office.  
  7. Wellness Coconut Scrub
    Wellness Coconut Scrub
    This all natural coconut exfoliator really is good enough to eat. It's best made just before you use it.  
  8. We Love Arnica
    We Love Arnica
    We chose Arnica as our celebrated product for our Energise issue.
    5 and a half ways kindness can improve your life
  10. Tuck, lift or fill?
    Tuck, lift or fill?
    Celebrities are under extra scrutiny these days with countless 'before' and 'after' pictures alongside debates as to what vanity work they might have done on their faces. With botox and fillers now becoming much easier to access and more affordable, there is a huge upward trend in the amount of people taking advantage of these anti-ageing innovations. Some of our celebrities look distorted and unnatural and others simply look fabulous. Having heard that fillers, unlike botox, use a macromolecule similar to the Hyaluronic acid naturally occurring in the body, we asked Dr Joseph J Huskisson, more about the process and the possibilities.
  11. The Shape of Shampoo
    The Shape of Shampoo
    We've all seen the shampoo ads ' a woman with long, shiny locks who emerges from her bedroom looking like she's just had a whole team of hairdressers attending to her. Beautiful hair is something most people want to achieve; here's how to get the most out of your shampoo routine.
  12. The Root of Beauty
    The Root of Beauty

    We're all for natural beauty but that doesn't mean you can't get a little additional help from Mother Nature. Here we showcase top to toe green beauty, essential green products and tips you'll thank us for.


  13. THE PRINCIPLES OF YOUTH by Dr Kevin Lentin
    THE PRINCIPLES OF YOUTH by Dr Kevin Lentin
    Growing older can be disease free, energising and liberating. All it takes is breaking degenerative practices, ideas and thoughts and following a lifestyle that feeds youthfulness. Dr Kevin Lentin shares some of the principles of youth.
  14. The 5 - Day Green Juice Challenge
    The 5 - Day Green Juice Challenge

    It’s all the rage right now, and we tried it to see if there’s good reason why so many people are opting for just juice to optimise health, detoxify and make fundamental changes to their bodies.

  15. Sunny Suggestions
    Sunny Suggestions

    Summer is here and the time to enjoy SA's great outdoors. But while you're having fun in the sun, your hair and skin will be needing a little extra TLC. Here are some easy ideas to help you look and feel great. 


  16. Sun Kissed
    Sun Kissed
    It's almost that splendid time of year when worries melt away like lemon drops, salt water and sea sand beckon and the smell of coconut lingers in the air. Even if you're not leaving home for the holidays, there's one vital season must-have to imprint your holiday memories ' a glorious sun-kissed skin, of course!
  17. SUN DANCE by Kirsten Alexander
    SUN DANCE by Kirsten Alexander

    It's vital to get your vitamin D and what better place to start than the sun ' but in the process make sure you are protected from harmful UV rays

  18. Summer Skin Savers
    Summer Skin Savers

    It’s time to face the sun! Makeup artist Debbie Ellis shares her top skincare tips and products for the warmer weather.


  19. Summer Body
    Summer Body
    With summer in full swing and the festive season fast approaching, it's definitely time to get your body ready for the obligatory skimpy beach or party wear our gorgeous climate demands.
  20. Summer Beauty
    Summer Beauty
    Rather than a strict detox that's hard to stick to, follow some natural cleansing guidelines ' you may want to make some of them into permanent lifestyle practices. 
  21. Step-by-Step
    Smooth beautiful feet is the end objective with our concise guide to banishing cracked heals and dry feet using natural remedies and solutions.
  22. SOAK IT UP
    Bathing is a cure-all for almost anything. It soaks away a bad mood, relaxes a crazy day, inspires dreamy ideas, and renews a jaded disposition. Give your bath extra purpose by adding a bit of therapy. Here's what to add.
  23. Smooth Flawless Skin for Life
    Smooth Flawless Skin for Life

    by Esosa E. (also known as 'Raw Girl')

    Having great skin can boost your confidence, mood, and energy. As someone who suffered from acne, I know firsthand what it feels like to be self-conscious in social situations or professional settings, all because of blemishes on my face. When dealing with acne whether chronic or minor but consistent flare-ups, the first step to change is getting fed up with not looking and feeling your best. After that, you may choose to consult a doctor or dermatologist who will most likely prescribe you a range of lotions, creams, or even hormones to try to control your symptoms. While medical advice is always essential, prescriptions tend to put a temporary band-aid and it's important to address the root problem. If you are truly serious about achieving that seemingly effortless natural glow, here are a few tips I learned from my own journey that helped me achieve flawless skin in the long term.


  24. Skin Renewal
    Skin Renewal
    The idea of putting a roller fitted with little needles across your face repeatedly until it is red and angry sounds absurd but the latest leading skin treatments is finding incredible results doing just that. It's called skin needling and is administered by a qualified doctor. We visited Skin Renewal in the Cape Quarter in Cape Town to find out more.
  25. SKIN CARE TIPS to make a difference by Skye Forrester
    SKIN CARE TIPS to make a difference by Skye Forrester

    Let's face it

    There's nothing worse than the state of your skin interfering with your confidence. We all have those bad skin days ' in fact, acne is probably more common than you think. But, did you know that the condition of your skin is closely linked to your circulation, liver and digestive system? Following these simple, natural remedies, will bring you closer to a balanced you and healthier looking skin.


    Many people have skin allergies, we look at common culprits that cause allergies and how to counter the effects. 

  27. Scents, sensibility & skin
    Scents, sensibility & skin
    You will be drawn to the kinds of smells that are naturally healing for you. If you find the smell of cinnamon especially irresistible, you could be a 'cinnamon personality'. Cinnamon personalities tend to more physical and emotional than mental. 
  28. Sassy Summer Skin
    Sassy Summer Skin

    Bring out your glow and feel amazing with a dose of self-love and some good skincare tips. Treat yourself with totally natural products or make your own from skin enriching ingredients like argan oil, avocado, oats, yoghurt, honey, lemon and more. There's so much to be said for the ritual of nurturing, and our advice is to fall in love with pampering yourself.

  29. Pure Bliss
    Pure Bliss
    People visit spas for many different reasons ' for some it's an essential part of life, while for others it's only for very special occasions. However Spa visits fit into your routine, there's an undeniable happiness effect that surrounds every visit.
  30. Pure Beauty Rules by Lara Potgieter
    Pure Beauty Rules by Lara Potgieter
    Being truly beautiful can include caring for your body, mind and spirit in a way that respects the earth and all its beings.
  31. Pure Beauty Rules
    Pure Beauty Rules

    There are so many reasons to replace your chemical-laden personal care products with equally effective natural alternatives. Natural products work with (rather than against) the skin, don't make use of the harmful parabens that can alter the functions of your body's endocrine system, show the best results over the long term, and are better for the environment to boot. 

  32. Pregnant and Staying Fit!
    Pregnant and Staying Fit!

    We ask our cover model Nandy Alexander a few questions about being pregnant and staying fit. 


    So many issues revolve around a lack of self-acceptance. It's important to spend time making peace with your body and how you look. Exploring your attributes, appreciating the wonder of your body and paying attention to how you present yourself to the world is something everyone can benefit from. Here are some ways you can nurture your being. 
  34. POLISH & SCRUB by Kirsten Alexander
    POLISH & SCRUB by Kirsten Alexander
    From sugar scrubs to oatmeal rubs and rice powder exfoliation we look at what you need to rev up your circulation and create beautiful polished skin.
  35. Plant a beauty garden
    Plant a beauty garden
    Read the labels on your favourite beauty products, and you will notice the active components come from herbs, plants and flowers. Many of these plants can easily be grown in your garden and made up into effective beauty products.
  36. Pearly White Wisdom
    Pearly White Wisdom
    Everyone has the ability to smile and flash their teeth, whether straight, skew, white or slightly yellowed, in an expression of glee, happiness, delight, love and laughter ' a smile is one of the myriad facial expression that crosses all language, cultural and age boundaries.
  37. Paleo skin?
    Paleo skin?
    Paleo or not, many of us spend a lot of time focusing on eating well. We may avoid sugar, grains, alcohol, carbs, artificial flavourants and colourants, or all of the above, because we care for our bodies and want to nourish them with only the best foods. Can we say the same about what we put on our skin, though?
  38. Outsmart your cravings
    Outsmart your cravings
    Why is it that sometimes you can be confronted with the dessert table at a wedding but you remain the poster-child of abstention, while at another time all you can think about is the sugary, salty or fatty indulgence calling your name? 
  39. On Beauty by Skye Forrester
    On Beauty by Skye Forrester

    Our 5 top beauty practices include a night-time ritual of applying essential oils to your feet, natural stain removal for teeth, and the benefits and usage of an array of natural skin products including Aloe Vera, activated charcoal and sunscreen. 


  40. Oil Cleansing
    Oil Cleansing
    Rave reports from beauty buffs using oils as a facial cleansing routine can't be ignored. Rather than detergent or soap-based cleansers, oils are said to keep the skins natural balance, dissolve impurities and add fabulous moisturising and nourishing attributes.
  41. OCULUS - an evolution in eyewear
    OCULUS - an evolution in eyewear

    Whether you're a raging extrovert, function junkie, high on the nerd scale, a wilting wallflower, or simply a little quirky, you'll find a pair to suit you. 

  42. Naturally You
    Naturally You

    There are numerous buzz words within the natural beauty realm – from nutraceuticals to botanicals – we guide you on how to ensure you’re doing the very best for your skin and beauty.


  43. Naturally Occurring
    Naturally Occurring

    Kitchen cosmetics can be highly effective when used on the body, and so can simple flowers and plants. Looking at some of the beauty rituals hailing from Greece, we see ample use of olive oil and honey as well as herbs and some fruits. Greek inhabitants were very in tune with beauty and anti-ageing practices, always looking for ways to improve their appearance.

  44. NATURALLY GOOD SKIN by Cheryl Stevens
    NATURALLY GOOD SKIN by Cheryl Stevens
    Face masks are a must have in any beauty regime and an excellent way to maintain beautiful skin. See which ingredients you need to match your skin condition and choose one accordingly. Alternatively, make up your own. Follow this guideline showcasing effective natural ingredients to look out for.
  45. Natural Weight Loss
    Natural Weight Loss
    As winter turns into spring and clothes get skimpier, we start thinking about shedding the few extra kilos picked up in the colder months. Being a healthy weight isn't just about appearances, though. 
  46. Natural skincare alternatives
    Natural skincare alternatives
    We all want healthy, glowing skin. Does that have to mean slathering on harsh chemicals, though? We asked three of our WellSkin skin experts how to get glowing, healthy, skin without doing any harm ' to yourself or the planet.
  47. Natural Pigmentation Recipe
    Natural Pigmentation Recipe
    Avoiding direct sun and adequately protecting your skin when you are exposed goes a long way towards keeping your skin looking good and preventing damage. But, sometimes other factors influence the state of your skin.

    The past few years have seen a great transformation as natural hair care products have taken the place of chemically-laden shampoos, conditioners and supplements. This means that our hair can enjoy wholesome and planet-friendly nourishment, rather than the suspect and damaging commercial products that have been pushed on us for years.There are tons of benefits to treating your locks with nature’s best! Here are just three of our favourites:

  49. Natural Glam
    Natural Glam
    It's party season and you want to look the best you can. Rather than piling on make up or overdressing, dare to be natural. Spend time enhancing your individual beauty and garner good feelings about yourself. Find a fashion style that suits your body and personality, and make the most of what Mother Nature gave you.
  50. Natural  Beauty Secrets
    Natural Beauty Secrets
    Everybody has their favourite beauty tricks and tips, from a spot remedy to removing under eye bags or simply to freshen up and feel fabulous.
  51. Morning Glory
    Morning Glory
    Nighttime skin serums are like an energy drink for the skin, from herbal organics to anti-ageing botanicals and probiotic advancements we look at popular ingredients used in night time skincare.
  52. Meet Our Suppliers Simply Bee
    Meet Our Suppliers Simply Bee

    Simply Bee was formally established in 2011, but its origins stem from a wedding gift of a single beehive in the 1950s. 'My grandfather gave my father a beehive as a present. This was ostensibly to put honey on the table because he thought he was too poor to buy jam,' says Simply Bee Founder Helena van der Westhuizen.


  53. Meet our Supplier Secuvie
    Meet our Supplier Secuvie
    Sensitive skin affects millions of people, it's not only restricted to teenagers. Although there is no miracle cure, there are some effective ways of working with your skin to repair and restore balance. We spoke to Michael Linell, Founder and CEO of Secuvie International to shed some light on effective treatment and care.
    If you are passionate about making your own remedies, here's a recipe that demonstrates how plant energy can work together to heal the body. It's very exciting to make up your own tinctures using infusions and healing salves. Plants have all kinds of healing energies that can positively affect the body. Applying your salve onto the skin means it can travel into the blood stream and start its magic. Spend some time learning the different qualities of herbs and soon you will know what to mix for specific healing remedies. The study of herbs is an ancient practice and is wonderfully rewarding. It's also a way to connect to the natural world.
  55. Love Getting Older
    Love Getting Older
    In a society obsessed with youth and anti-ageing, have we lost perspective on loving ourselves at any age? According to Dr Bruce Goldberg, author of Look Younger, Live Longer (Llewellyn) anti-ageing or should we say 'youthing' can be wired into your consciousness with a good dose of awareness.
  56. Learning to cherish your body
    Learning to cherish your body
    Ask anyone how they feel about their bodies - you will probably get a list of things they would want to change about themselves. That's why Wardah Hartley's story is a breath of fresh air. This vivacious TV sports anchor and fitness enthusiast says she has made peace with her body. 'It's taken me over three decades and I can finally say, I am not obsessed with being skinny or having a six pack. I've realized those things are not important, rather it's important to truly know your body, embrace what you have and be healthy.'

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