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  1. Eco Diva Nicole's 6 Anti-ageing Tips
    Eco Diva Nicole's 6 Anti-ageing Tips
    While there's no stopping the passage of time, there are steps you can take to delay some of the less desirable effects it has on your appearance and your health. While on some mornings you may feel every one of your years, our growing understanding of the importance of healthy living, diet and nutrition means you don't necessarily have to look every one of your years. Eco Diva and co-owner of www.vitology.co.za Nicole Sherwin offers 6 fabulous anti-aging tips.
    Dr Hauschka is one of our favourite skincare ranges. For over 47 years Dr. Hauschka Skin Care has formulated natural products that support the skin's biology for a balanced, vital and radiant skin complexion. They have a unique and holistic approach to health and beauty designed to respect your skin's wisdom. 
  3. Cultivate Inner Beauty
    Cultivate Inner Beauty
    Love your body, maintain a peaceful state of mind and you will create an inner sense of beauty. Practice nurturing acts to strengthen your relationship with your body and create resilience and radiance. Here are some practices to introduce into your life. 
  4. Clean up your Act
    Clean up your Act
    Like everyone else, I take care in the image I project, but not overly so. From an early age one is taught the basics of grooming, and the latent values sort of dawns on you over time. Like all boys I'd watch my dad shave and long for the day I could too. That happened when I was about 10. I had overheard a mischievous assertion from an older boy with a five o'clock shadow - that if you regularly shaved the bum-fluff from your face, it would grow tougher and sturdier and soon a beard would emerge. Thank God that, not for lack of trying, it wasn't true.
    It's alarming to note that common products we use without thinking may contain harmful chemicals. These can build up in our systems and can be damaging to our health. Hair dye is one of the culprits. Here is some information on chemicals to look out for.
  6. Cellulite & your diet
    Cellulite & your diet
    Beating cellulite requires a firm commitment to making a number of  dietary and lifestyle adjustments.   It is no longer considered just as fat and thus a normal feature of adult female skin.  We now know that regular body fat differs from cellulite and it helps to understand how it is formed. Everyone has a smooth layer of body fat just beneath the skin that functions as an insulator, a cushion for organs, and storage for energy. Cellulite, however, has a lumpy texture and these cells contain fats, fluids and toxins, and are trapped deep beneath the skin. They swell and pull down the overlying skin, bulging up in pockets against the connective tissue, causing indentations to the skin.
  7. Brush up by Skye Forrester
    Brush up by Skye Forrester
    Brows & Beyond Whether you're usually dolled up to the nines, or prefer to rock a more natural look, washing your make-up brushes should be a part of your daily beauty regime. Dirt, grime and makeup residue can easily get trapped in between the bristles of your makeup brushes, creating a great environment for germs to prosper. Unclean makeup brushes can clog your pores and lead to bothersome breakouts. Good quality makeup brushes also cost a pretty penny, so taking good care of them is looking after your beauty investment.
  8. Botanical Buzz
    Botanical Buzz
    Head for some green glamour with plant based beauty tips. Skin concerns like dryness, pigmentation, ageing and more can be treated using botanical ingredients like aloe, green tea, chamomile, primrose oil and licorice.
  9. BODY TALK by Kirsten Alexander
    BODY TALK by Kirsten Alexander
    The world over, there are facial expressions common to all humans, meaning that we can communicate across culture and language barriers with relative ease.  But while you may understand how to communicate something without using words, what about the message cues you don't want to or aren't aware you're communicating?
  10. Body Dysmorphic Disorder
    Body Dysmorphic Disorder
    Everybody has moments of insecurity and we've all had days when nothing seems to look right in the mirror. But, with a few make-up tricks or a favourite outfit, most people are able to get through the day just fine. However, there's a little understood condition that goes beyond just insecurity.
  11. Beneath the skin
    Beneath the skin
    If you're gearing up for the festive season and know there'll be a million and one photo opportunities, take a look beneath your skin and make sure you're camera ready with nature's own interior Photoshop tool.
  12. Beauty - Is It More Than Skin Deep? By Robyn Wilkinson
    Beauty - Is It More Than Skin Deep? By Robyn Wilkinson
    When it comes to people's relationship with their bodies, there's a huge amount of judgement, criticism and even hatred in the mix. Yet creating a nurturing and loving relationship with your body is a key part of how you interact with the world and other people. We explore the complexities around self-acceptance and look at what's involved in developing a positive relationship with your body.
  13. Beauty & The Beasts
    Beauty & The Beasts
    Finding and learning how to recognise true feminine beauty is something both men and women can benefit from. Craig Wilkinson offers his perspective on why women are often so challenged when it comes to self-acceptance and self-love.
  14. BE MORE RADIANT by Esosa E
    BE MORE RADIANT by Esosa E
    Radiance is a quality that can't really be measured. It's something you can see or feel emanating from someone who is truly internally happy and confident. You may have heard plenty of discussion about how your outer glow can be achieved through diet or beauty products. While these both play a big factor, true radiance also involves the daily discipline of feeding mind, body, and spirit. Here are a few tips for you to wow those around you with your inner and outer beauty.
  15. Bathtime bliss
    Bathtime bliss

    Is taking a long, hot bath one of the ways you de-stress? Check out some of our favourite people, planet- and animal-friendly bath goodies. Grab them in store or online, pour yourself a glass of Fairtrade wine, and soak your troubles away with a copy of Wellness magazine.

    Certain natural hair products have stood the test of time and come with us through the ages. Cath Price from Love My Hair spills the beans on products used in the middle ages that are still effective today.
  17. Ayurvedic Beauty Ritual - by Kirsten Alexander
    Ayurvedic Beauty Ritual - by Kirsten Alexander
    Abhyanga is an Ayurvedic beauty ritual designed to promote health, youth and beauty. Follow this daily practise for a holistic healing morning routine. There's nothing quite like a soothing, full-body, warm oil massage to melt away body tension. Combine that with a daily practice of self-love and you have the incredible power of Abhyanga. This massage routine is a part of the daily practices specified in Ayurvedic medicine; a steady ritual promoting health, youth and beauty.
  18. All About Collagen
    All About Collagen

    Lately there is so much to talk about collagen and it’s benefits for skin and joints, we thought we would unpack exactly what collagen is, where you get it from and why we should be having more of it.


    While the world is still looking for the elixir of eternal youth, anti-oxidants are a great way to slow down the appearance of ageing

  20. A few things you didn't know about... Natural beauty
    A few things you didn't know about... Natural beauty
    You don't need harsh chemicals'or loads of time'to get shiny, healthy hair and glowing skin. Just go back to basics. Use these six tips to inspire you.
    There are as many people with cellulite solutions as there are professionals that say there isn't a solution. We know that multiple factors contribute to the proper functioning and flow of a body. Nutrition, exercise, emotions, dispositions, and genes all count so although these suggestions have been offered up by various studies and experts, you always need to look at the whole person to address something properly.
  22. 5 Natural Face Cleansers
    5 Natural Face Cleansers
    Think again about buying astringent, chemical laden, facial cleansers when you can revert to your kitchen pantry for all natural products that will do the job. Your skin is the largest organ in the body and should be protected from harsh elements at all costs.
  23. 3 Tips for Glowing Skin
    3 Tips for Glowing Skin

    Decide to become more proactive about focusing on a beautiful flawless skin. Besides introducing skin enhancing practices, having a mindset of inviting in gorgeous skin is proven to help. Rather than sending your body negative messages about how disappointed you are with it, try praising it and sending it love. This includes your skin. While you work on your positive psychology here are some practices and tips you can follow.


  24. 11 Reasons to Choose Natural Beauty
    11 Reasons to Choose Natural Beauty

    Give your beauty cabinet a makeover by ditching the nasties and choosing pure personal care instead.

  25. 10 Ways Bees Can Save Your Skin
    10 Ways Bees Can Save Your Skin
    Bee beautiful with the nourishing, protecting and restoring benefits of propolis, beeswax and honey.

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