Hobbies for Health

Leisure pursuits are about more than just fun!

At times, we fall out of alignment with ourselves. With busy schedules, attention-consuming devices and fewer and fewer opportunities to sit back and relax, feeling out of sorts has almost become par for the course. 

While family and friends can be invaluable pillars of strength, by allowing yourself space to explore the reaches of your creativity without being focused on anyone or anything else, a whole new world of healing and self-love can open up to you. 

Exploring creativity has been scientifically shown to reduce feelings of anxiety and depression, whilst allowing us to manage our emotions and become more intentional. 

You may want to try a few of our favourite guided creative experiences…

Stop and smell the roses

Nestled in the urban centre of Woodstock, The Flower Café allows all those who cross its threshold the opportunity to explore the Cape’s natural beauty, in amongst the concrete of the city, by offering delicate tussie mussies (posie) crafting, flower crown creation, terrarium cultivation and flower arranging and pressing workshops.

Get back to the drawing board

Design, draw and paint crockery and decorative pieces in the lofty heights of Gardens or in the valley of Hout Bay at the Clay Cafe. Allow the team to take you through the options for creating a themed piece and roam freely in the ceramic gallery room to choose from the 180+ already-made items to find the perfect pottery painting project. 

Weave threads of creativity

Unveil the artistry of tufting at the Tuft Crowd along the vibrant Bree Street in Cape Town. Come up with a unique design for a rug that you could use in your home, or that you could hang as a piece of art, and have that design transferred to the fabric canvas by the experienced tutors. 

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