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As a registered Live Life Well Rewards (LLWR) member, you will earn rewards points for making purchases in store or online.

Each point is worth R0.01 / 1 cent. All points that you earn will automatically be converted into cashback by us.

The LLWRP is a three-tiered programme. The purchases that you make at Wellness Warehouse in any given calendar month will determine the earn rate at which you are rewarded.

The earn rate tiering works thus:

1. Spend up to R1 000, and get 1% back

2. Spend R1 000 to R2 999, and get 2% back

3. Spend R3 000 or more, and get 3% back

You will earn the full points on the purchase that sees you reaching a new tier.

For example:

Month 1 spend

1. First purchase: R400 – earn 1% (R4)

2. Second purchase: R300 – earn 1% (R3)

3. Third purchase: R600 – earn 2% on the full R600 (R12), as this was the purchase that elevated you to the next tier.

4. Fourth purchase: R2 500 – earn 3% on the full R2 500 (R75), as this was the purchase that elevated you onto the next tier.


Note: in the above example, the fourth and final purchase for the month resulted in ‘closing off’ on tier 3 status, and earning 3% back. This means that the following month (month 2), your purchases will continue to receive 3% back. At the end of that month, your spend will be calculated for the month, and this will determine if you remain on tier 3, or if you fall to a lower status for the following month (month 3).

Month 2 example spend:

1. First purchase: R600 – earn 3% (R18)

2. Second purchase: R200 – earn 3% (R6)


As the collective spend for month 2 was only R800, you will now fall back into the first tier (<1 R1 000), earning 1% back on all purchases for month 3. And so the process continues.

In order to earn LLWRP points, you will need to present your membership card to your cashiers in store, or enter your card details online when making an online purchase.

Once your points have been converted into cashback, the cashback can be redeemed by you as payment for purchases at any Wellness Warehouse store in South Africa or online. Your points and/or cashback cannot be used to purchase gift vouchers.

If you do not earn points and/or if you do not redeem any cashback for a period of 36 (thirty six) months, your account will be deemed to be dormant. The unredeemed cashback balance in your dormant account will expire and be reclaimed by us, and as a result your cashback balance will have a zero balance. We will not close your LLWRP account.

Click here for the full rewards program terms and conditions.