The Art of Perception

Every morning, we look at ourselves in the mirror as we get ready for the day ahead. Applying makeup to contour our beauty, shaving the 6 am shadow, and styling ourselves to meet the occasion. We all want to look our best, and develop a strong (positive or negative) perception of ourselves before we leave the house and greet the world.

The word ‘perception’ is defined by the Collins English Dictionary as “The way you think about something or the impression you have of it.” We all have a perception of the world around us. Some remain unchanged over the years, and others are continually in flux.

Although we all perceive the same world, we see things quite differently from one another. Some view winter as a magical time of introspection and renewal, while others bemoan the cloudy days and muddy puddles. Some people are able to see their own infinite worth, while others really struggle with how they regard themselves.

As a psychic medium and reiki practitioner, I consider it my job to offer people guidance on how to live their most fulfilled lives. A big part of this is pointing out their talents and abilities, and trying to give them a sense of their unique and innate worth. One of my biggest challenges is convincing people of their strengths, which are often so obvious to others but completely lost on them.

In order for us to change how we view ourselves, start loving ourselves and journey towards greater happiness, we need to consciously and continuously practise what I call ‘the art of perception’. Here are a few ways to do so:  

  1. Take some time every evening to acknowledge what you have achieved throughout the day. This doesn’t have to only take the form of meeting challenging deadlines or getting back to the gym, but can also cover things like how kind you were to the checkout staff at the store, the cup of tea you made for your spouse, or the cuddles you gave your pet.  
  2. Journal and meditate on your unique abilities and traits. Perhaps you’re great with witty comebacks, super organised, or make a mean milk tart.
  3. Ask those you love and trust for the things they appreciate about you, and then do the same for them. You may be surprised by what a loving and joyful exchange this can become!
  4. Notice the negative thoughts you have in relation to yourself each day. There’s no need to berate yourself for them, rather simply acknowledge that they stem from a pattern of ingrained limited beliefs, and breathe out deeply as you give yourself permission to release them.
  5. Practise kindness and acts of selfless service wherever and whenever you can. Making a positive impact on the world around you (or even just on one person’s day) can have a phenomenally positive effect on your self-worth.


Damian is a psychic medium and reiki practitioner based in Johannesburg. He holds a BSc in Natural Health, and believes strongly in the connection between mind, body, and soul. For more information or to get in touch, visit

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