Your New Clean Fitness Essentials

Protein plays a vital role in supporting an active lifestyle by aiding muscle repair, recovery and growth.

Protein requirements increase when engaging in regular physical activity or strength training, and protein powders can provide a convenient and concentrated source of protein to supplement your dietary intake. 

The Wellness Plant Complex and Wellness Whey Complex protein powders are popular choices for fitness enthusiasts wanting to support their active lifestyles, whether you prefer plant-based or whey protein (without the nasty ingredients).  

Average protein requirements vary, based on factors such as age, weight, activity level and goals. The recommended dietary allowance (RDA) for protein is generally set at 0.8 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight. However, those who exercise regularly or have specific fitness goals may need higher intake to support muscle recovery and growth. 

On average, adult men typically require approximately 56 - 91 g of protein per day, while adult women require around 46 - 75 g per day. These numbers may vary, depending on factors such as activity level, body composition goals and overall calorie intake.  

Wellness Plant Complex is a vegan-friendly powder that combines pea protein, chia seeds, hemp protein and spirulina, offering a spectrum of essential nutrients for muscle recovery and growth.  

Wellness Whey Complex combines whey concentrate, pea protein, MCT Oil and branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) to provide a comprehensive protein profile. Its blend of fast-absorbing and sustained-release proteins makes it an excellent choice for those looking to optimise muscle recovery and athletic performance.  

The Wellness Protein Complexes are free from artificial flavours, colours and sweeteners. Their unflavoured nature allows you to experiment with different recipes and customise your protein intake according to your taste preferences. 

Both protein powders are readily available online and in store. Whether you prefer plant-based or whey protein, choose the powder that best suits your needs and taste preferences.  

Remember to consider your individual requirements and fitness goals, and to consult a healthcare professional or registered dietitian to determine the optimal protein intake for your needs.   

With Wellness Plant Complex and Wellness Whey Complex, you're one step closer to achieving your fitness goals and fuelling your active lifestyle. Cheers to your protein-powered adventures! 

“Wellness Warehouse strives to help you live life well but because we are retailers and not medical practitioners we cannot offer medical advice. Please always consult your medical practitioner before taking any supplements, complementary medicines or have any health concerns and ensure that you always read labels, warnings and directions carefully, prior to consumption.”