Wellness Warehouse has partnered with Overberg-based honeybee non-profit organisation, Honeybee Heroes, to ensure that the honey we offer is 100% real, local, and in line with ethical and sustainable beekeeping practices.

By purchasing your honey at Wellness Warehouse, you’re supporting South African beekeepers who take care of their bees and produce honey that is: 


About Honeybee Heroes


Situated near Stanford in the Western Cape, Honeybee Heroes is a honeybee advocacy organisation on a mission to prevent the decline of South Africa’s endemic Capensis honeybee. They seek to create accessible and sustainable opportunities for South Africans to engage with and protect the environment.

Through hive sponsorships, community-run micro-apiaries, and beekeeper training programmes, the Honeybee Heroes team is working to uplift a new generation of beekeepers and eco-conscious consumers in an effort to conserve honeybees and invigorate the South African beekeeping industry.

Adopt a Hive

Give up to 30 000 Cape honeybees a new home by sponsoring a hive.

When you adopt a hive with Honeybee Heroes, they will set up a personalised beehive with your name on it in an ideal location for a new bee colony to build its home, then care for it on your behalf. In return, you’ll get six jars of delicious Honeybee Heroes honey, plus the opportunity to visit their sanctuary, gear up in a beekeeping suit and join the team to learn all about your new hive!


Anyone can adopt a hive for themselves, a loved one, or even a business. 

Multiple adoption packages are available, including a range of honeybee wellness, beauty, and retail items.