Listen to the Call of Your Soul

The Shakti Shiva Academy of mysticism, psychology, and sexuality is offering two exciting retreats in 2024.  

The first, Into the Wild (4 – 14 February), is a land and sea safari set in two separate locations: Ponta Malongane - a marine reserve in Mozambique - and Tembe Elephant Park, a remote and magical place deep in the sand forests and wetlands of northern Tongaland, South Africa.  

Three highly experienced and respectful facilitators will be guiding this journey of a lifetime, which will offer an opportunity to learn from the ancient wisdom of dolphins, elephants, nature, the body, and the self.  

The experience will include inquiry, silence, dreaming and visioning, ceremony and play, guided drumming, liquid yoga, transformational breathwork, mindful movement, and shamanic sound and song journeys. 

At the very heart of this retreat is the unique chance to witness and commune with the magical dolphins and majestic elephants. Both animals hold an extraordinary consciousness and intelligence. They inspire awe, wonder and pure joy. Encounters with these sentient beings have transformed lives. To meet them in the wild is a true gift and immense privilege which many have described as an encounter with love.

The second retreat, Freedom & The Nervous System (24 – 31 May), invites both women and men into a gentle yet profound exploration of safe ways to release traumatic memories stored in the body and to respond in new ways. It is designed for those who wish to enter more deeply into their healing process, and for practitioners interested in expanding their skills and understanding of trauma. 

Traumatic experiences can be anything from accidents and falls to neglect or sexual, emotional and physical abuse. Trauma leaves people stuck in fight, flight or freeze, caught in an incomplete defence response (conscious or unconscious), repeating patterns and feeling as if there is little choice in life. Dissociation, over-association and hyper-vigilance are all trauma responses. The inability to be fully present is a symptom of trauma. 

This retreat will offer a space for reclaiming choice, guiding participants from the shackles of past traumas into the promise of being fully present in the here and now. In a word: freedom. 

Shakti Shiva Academy's 2024 retreats offer exotic adventures, a rare taste of freedom, shifts in consciousness, healing and transformation. The call is clear: the time is now. The path lies in the embrace of nature's wisdom and the gentle guidance of experienced facilitators. 

Into the Wild is facilitated by Courtney Ward (Halo Gaia Wellness & Adventure Travel), Cora Verkuilen (Liquid Breath®) and Rhianne van der Linde (Shakti Shiva Academy). 

Freedom and the Nervous System is facilitated by Karin Ritchie (SE™ practitioner) and Rhianne van der Linde (Shakti Shiva Academy). For more information or to secure your space, visit

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