Caring Candies Little Lollies 8 Fruity Flavours 80g

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Assorted sugarfree lollipops with no artificial sweeteners, colourants, or preservatives. Zero nett carbs.


Caring Candies - Little Lollies 8 Fruity Flavours 80g

These Caring Candies 80g Sugar-free Little Lollies contain 8 individually wrapped (recyclable material!) Sour Apple, Sour Cherry, Tutti Fruitti and Banana flavoured lollipops. They are free from all “Nasty Stuff”, which means they are sugar-free, fat-free, contain no artificial colourants (we use natural colourants from plants and herbs), no artificial sweeteners, and are preservative-free. They are 100% Nett (or Glycaemic) Carb-free, contain no food allergens, and are Tooth-Friendly, Kosher Pareve, and Halaal Certified! Suitable for Vegans, Vegetarians, Diabetics, those with ADD/ADHD, Coeliac Disease, Candida, the Health Conscious, and those following a Sugar-free, Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, Banting, Keto, Low Carb or Carb-free Lifestyle!


We use only natural or nature-identical flavourings and natural colourants and no artificial sweeteners or preservatives. SOUR APPLE: Isomalt*, Water, Malic Acid, Apple Flavouring, Citric Acid, Natural Colourants (Turmeric Root Extract, Red Cabbage Vegetable Juice). Allergens: None. SOUR CHERRY: Isomalt*, Water, Malic Acid, Citric Acid, Cherry Flavouring, Natural Colourants (Beetroot Juice Extract). Allergens: None. TUTTI FRUITTI: Isomalt*, Water, Tutti Fruitti Flavouring, Natural Colourants (Turmeric Root Extract, Paprika Extract, Beetroot Juice Extract, Red Cabbage Vegetable Juice). Allergens: None. BANANA: Isomalt*, Water, Banana Flavouring, Citric Acid, Natural Colourants (Tumeric Root, Aqueous Apple Extract). Allergens: None. *Isomalt is a natural sugar-free sugar substitute, which has zero glycaemic carbs, is tooth-friendly, and is ideal for diabetics or those following a low carb lifestyle.


Excessive consumption may have a laxative effect. We, therefore, recommend no more than 25g to be consumed per day (2 lollipops).


Opened & unopened product to be stored in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight to prevent natural colourants from fading

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