Editors Choice Spring 2023

Spring Superfoods

While I get excited about every new Wellness own-brand launch, I’m particularly thrilled to have gotten my paws on the newly packaged lineup of organic, non-GMO Wellness Superfoods filled with responsibly sourced ingredients and general goodness! As is the Wellness way, they are free from added sugars and artificial ingredients, and housed in sustainable packaging. The comprehensive collection includes antioxidants, adaptogens, vegan protein, digestive support and – my favourite – sweet superfoods.

Call on Curcumin

After the removal of my tumour, I have added complementary care to my allopathic oncology treatment. The very first supplement recommended by every member of my integrative support team? Curcumin. My particular journey requires high doses daily, and I’m so grateful to the team at Natroceutics for their generous support in the form of Curcumin Complete – a BCM-95™ and whole organic turmeric extract that delivers over 700% more bioactive curcumin. The benefits of a curcumin of this calibre are too plentiful to expound on here, but I can highly recommend a deep dive into the research if you, too, are in need of some extra support at this stage of your health journey.

True Turmeric

While I’m banging on about my new favourite ingredient, another great supplement to try is Flora Force’s Turmerynne. The herbal capsules contain turmeric root powder and cayenne fruit powder for antioxidant and anti-inflammatory support, with black pepper to enhance the absorption of turmeric’s bio-actives. Importantly, they comprise the true herb, dried and powdered, rather than standardised extracts or concentrations of single biochemicals extracted from the herbs.

Powerful Protectors

Another great source of support on my cancer recovery and prevention journey has been the passionate minds behind Phytoceutics. Two other supplements at the top of my support list are Origine 8 (a complete green tea extract that delivers all 8 green tea catechins in a single daily dose), and Bio-Sulforaphane (a potent Nrf2 activator). If these descriptors sound as confounding to you as they did to me in the beginning, I can – again – suggest immersing yourself in the (impressive) research on these powerful allies in complementary health support.

Health DLux

One supplement that has remained a staple throughout my wellness journey is vitamin D. I recently got to try the DLux 1000 from Better You, and I’m hooked! The convenient oral spray packs a 1000 IU punch in every spray, and it tastes great, too! While I turn to vitamin D primarily for immune support, it can also support the health of bones, teeth, and muscles, to name just a few of its many potential benefits.

Ancient Healing for Modern Stress

Supporting my mental health has been an integral part of my life-altering journey this year. I’ve always been interested in the principles of ancient holistic healthcare, and am grateful to be able to explore Tibb’s approach to Graeco-Arab, Unani, and Western Herbal Medicine. Most helpful to me right now are their Stress-away Tablets and Syrup, with their multi-ingredient formulation of bacopa monnieri, valerian, ashwagandha, and gotu kola, to name just a few of the soothing superstars.

Daily Essentials

It goes without saying that my gut health is currently front and centre of my daily experience. To help me along the way, I add a scoop of Metagenics GI Sustain to my morning smoothies. Designed to provide gastrointestinal support, the formula helps to promote the growth of beneficial bacteria by including prebiotic nutrients, combined with readily digestible macronutrients – all in a convenient, neutral tasting powder that blends well with just about anything. Add to this the PhytoMulti – with its proprietary blend of 13 concentrated extracts and phytonutrients – and the D3 Liquid (providing 1000IU of vitamin D3 per drop, solubilised in oil to support absorption in the intestinal tract), and Metagenics really has me covered!


From Australia with Love

I’ve been watching South African-born Jessica Sepel’s journey from nutritionist, through author, to vitamin entrepreneur with great interest. I absolutely loved all her books, and am now one of millions of fans of her high-quality supplements, finally available in South Africa at Wellness! The JS Health Detox & Debloat formula with fennel, milk thistle, and turmeric, is currently top of my list, for obvious reasons. As are the Mild Anxiety & Stress tablets, which boast one of my favourite calming ingredients – ashwagandha – plus soothing passionflower and antioxidant-rich vitamin C. A firm fan favourite for good reason, the Hair & Energy formula may support hair health and growth thanks to the inclusion of zinc and kelp. Another beauty-from-within superstar is the Skin & Digestion option, with vitamin C, burdock, turmeric, and more. Finally, the VitalityX & Collagen powder is formulated with hydrolysed marine collagen, vitamins C and E, and turmeric for skin, digestion, and energy support.


100% Vegan Cognitive Support

Want to up your omegas but dedicated to a plant-powered lifestyle? Omega Pure from All Green is a great solution providing a concentrated dose of plant-based DHA derived from sustainably sourced algae. Chief among the many important roles of omega-3 fatty acids are the support of brain function, vision health, and cardiovascular function. Rest assured that you can now cover all your bases, the vegan way!


Like Milk, but for Humans

From the original oat drinks company comes an exclusive range of totally plant-based, totally delicious oaty goodness. I’ve become quite obsessed with the Oatly Chocolate Oat Drink (it’s just like your favourite chocolate-flavoured milk, except healthier!) For daily drinking, their Organic Oat Drink is made from just organic oats and a touch of sea salt – that’s it! Last but by no means least, their Barista Edition is a fully foamable, vegan-friendly alternative for adding some delectable creaminess to tea, coffee, or even just cereal.


Simply Scentsational

The Neroli & Orange Blossom Refillable Deodorant Spray from Salt of the Earth is winner of the Best New Vegan Beauty Product in the 2023 Natural & Organic Innovation Awards, and winner of best natural deodorant in my personal care regime! It’s taken me some time to find a chemical-free alternative that really works, and this one is not only effective, but also gorgeously scented.


Natural Care for Healthy Hair

On my (recently reinvigorated) journey to cutting the chemicals from my personal care, I’ve finally had to stop resisting parting from my beloved (but oh-so-unnatural) hair products. Luckily, it didn’t take too long to find a range that is both gentle and effective. With 70% certified organic components, 100% plant-based ingredients and zero sulphites, Biobodi harnesses the power of omega rich seed oils and soothing plant essences for care that’s as clean as it is cleansing. Currently occupying pride of place in my shower are their colourfully packaged Shampoo and Conditioner, with their equally delightful Body Wash, Body Lotion and Hand Wash brightening my bathroom…and day.

Soothing Self-Care

Last but most certainly not least – every challenging period calls on us to practise some extra self-love! I’ve been scrub-a-dubbin’ with Simply Bee’s gorgeous Body Scrub with rich honey, nourishing olive oil, and soothing lavender. After this shower time indulgence, I proceed to slather and lather their creamy Body Butter, with its non-greasy formula of softening propolis and beeswax, all over my thoroughly pampered bod.  

“Wellness Warehouse strives to help you live life well but because we are retailers and not medical practitioners we cannot offer medical advice. Please always consult your medical practitioner before taking any supplements, complementary medicines or have any health concerns and ensure that you always read labels, warnings and directions carefully, prior to consumption.”