Spatone Apple Liquid Iron Sachet 28s

by Spatone
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Ingredients: Natural water with each sachet containing 5 mg of elemental iron as Fe2+ Suitable for Pregnant and post-natal woman Females - children over two years and adults Vegetarians and vegans The active and the health conscious per 100ml per sachet Iron 25 mg 25 mg (179% of NRV*) 5 mg (36% of NRV*) * Nutrition Reference Value (NRV) is based on iron absorption from a typical diet. However, the high absorption of ferrous iron in Spatone means it should still fulfil your additional daily requirement for iron. combination aids the absorption of iron into the blood stream. Additional Information Special Diet Requirements Vegan, Vegetarian Supplement Age Range Adult, Infant, Teenage, Young Child Supplement Type Liquids


Do not exceed recommended use.


It’s ideally taken on an empty stomach in the morning. It’s best to leave a 30 – 45 min gap before eating or drinking if you are taking it between meals. Dosage: One sachet of Spatone contains 5mg of iron which covers the daily amount of (absorbed) iron needed. During pregnancy it is recommended to take up to two sachets a day. Indications: For anybody who is vulnerable to iron deficiency - especially pregnant and post-natal women, children over two years and adults, vegetarians and vegans, the active, the elderly and the health conscious. Spatone fact: add to fruit juice – iron is more easily absorbed when taken with Vitamin C. How to use Add to fruit juice - iron is more easily absorbed when taken with Vitamin C. A little sachet with a lot of iron. One sachet of Spatone, or up to two during pregnancy, should fulfil your daily requirement for iron.

Dietary Summary

  • Suitable For Vegan
  • Suitable For Vegetarians

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