Jan – March 2024 Ed’s Choice

Find out what our editor is most excited about this summer as we introduce the latest product ranges curated for you. 

Bars with Benefits

I love chocolate as much as the next gal, and am thrilled to now be able to enjoy some health-supporting benefits with my sweet fix! The new Wellness Zen Functional Chocolate includes CBD, sceletium and l-theanine for stress support without the drowsiness. When my energy is low, I reach for the Boost bar, with guarana and theobromine to energise without the jitters. I also love that they’re vegan, palm-oil free, and made from responsibly sourced cocoa.


As Good as it Looks 

While I’ll admit to being a sucker for pretty packaging, JS Health supplements are the first that I have actually kept out on display on my kitchen counter. And I’m happy to report that the quality of what’s inside is truly impressive, too. I’ve really been enjoying adding their Vitality X & Collagen formula to my daily smoothies to help support my joint health plus – of course – that youthful glow we’re all after. The Stress & Anxiety capsules have been a great natural support through the inevitable challenges of daily life; and I’ve been loving the beauty-from-within benefits of the Skin & Digestion and Hair & Energy supplements. But the most helpful for me at this stage of my wellness journey has absolutely been the Detox & Debloat formulation, with its superstar ingredients of milk thistle, turmeric and fennel seed to help me through my daily digestive drama.

Naturally Nurtured

An important step on my wellness journey has been replacing my personal care products with equally fragrant and effective natural alternatives. My current daily essentials are the Wild Rose and Vanilla Body Wash and Evening Primrose Hand and Body Lotion from Earthsap. The delightful scent and gentle cleansing action of the body wash make shower time a treat, and the hand and body lotion offers deep hydration without leaving a greasy residue. I also feel great knowing that I am supporting Earthsap in their commitment to using only eco-friendly, biodegradable ingredients that are as kind to the environment as they are to my skin.


Oil the Essentials

One of my favourite things about sitting down at my desk each morning is choosing an essential oil to add to my SOiL Aroma Diffuser. My current go-tos from their wide range of Pure Aromatherapy Oils are the Lime and Mandarin for their burst of freshness; the Lemongrass with its herbal zest; and the Peppermint, with a cooling scent that never fails to invigorate my energy and elevate my mood.

Pure Omegas for Wild Wellbeing

If there’s one supplement I’ll never be caught without (see what I did there?), it’s omega 3. Sourced from the purest and wildest marine environments, the Natroceutics Omega 3 Pure and Wild is my go-to for exceptional quality omega 3 fatty acids that are not only potent in form and rich in the EPA and DHA crucial for supporting heart health, brain function, inflammation reduction and more, but also free from harmful contaminants.


Live Well to Live Long

As someone who often struggles with low energy, nootropic, adaptogen, and mitochondrial support compounds have become an important part of my daily supplement regime. The Longevity Capsules from Olio provide all three, in a synergistic formula that works to provide comprehensive assistance to the central nervous system as well as the body and mind overall. The benefits are numerous, but suffice to say that enhanced mental and physical performance are high up there, plus antioxidant and cell regeneration properties that may assist in healthy ageing.

Safari Supplements

While I don’t have little ones myself, I was thrilled to see the reaction from a friend’s kids when I gave them the Safari Squad Gummies from Vie&Sante to trial for this review. Their feedback? “Yummy and fun!” Sounds like a good way to get kids into the habit of taking their vitamins, if you ask me. With Chill Out, Brain Batteries, Tummy Biotic, Immuno Shield and Body Booster gummies, there’s something for the daily health needs of every young journey.


Gut Goodness

A member of the Gut Health Association of South Africa, NuMeSa is as passionate about educating consumers on the importance of microbiome management as they are about creating quality products to assist along the way. They boast the largest range of kefir in South Africa, as well as delicious kombuchas, probi-shots, and comprehensive boxes for those who aren’t sure where to start. With gut health currently front of mind on my own health journey, I am encouraged to see brands like this really working to make a difference in the daily well-being of South Africans.

“Wellness Warehouse strives to help you live life well but because we are retailers and not medical practitioners we cannot offer medical advice. Please always consult your medical practitioner before taking any supplements, complementary medicines or have any health concerns and ensure that you always read labels, warnings and directions carefully, prior to consumption.”