More Than Just a Diet

The word macrobioticsis derived from the Greek makros(long) and bios (life). Macrobiotics is concerned not only with living a long life, but with living a great life.

A life of well-being, fulfilment, and fortitude. The macrobiotic study of longevity encompasses a great or expansive view of the world, and of diet.  

In Macrobiotics, diet is considered from an ideological and energetic - rather than solely nutritional - perspective. Intuition is upheld over knowledge. George Ohsawa, considered to be the founder of modern Macrobiotics, spoke of reinvigorating an ancient wisdom about health, disease, and healing. This age-old common sense is ingrained in us and has simply been lost or forgotten. The natural world contains everything we need to survive; we must just choose judiciously.

The Macrobiotic dietary approach outlines a whole food, plant-based diet based on traditional and cultural ways of eating.  

Dietary staples include whole grains, legumes, and land and sea vegetables suitable to one’s environment, with other supplementary foods such as fruit, nuts, and fish, depending on an individual’s climate, condition, and activity. These foods are said to be more centrally balanced in their composition and thus have a more moderate and balancing effect on the body.  

We naturally seek to adapt to and make balance with our environment because we are of our environment.

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When we are aligned more fully with the natural world, eating foods that originate in our climate and that are calming and restorative to the body, our true nature is supported and can blossom.  

Whole foods nourish our whole being and support holistic consciousness. Macrobiotics is more than merely a diet; it is the way of health and harmony. 

Macrobiotic Cooking 

Food is the natural world that is transmuted through our bodies to give us life. In Macrobiotics,  food is handled with respect and integrity and prepared calmly, lovingly, and with gratitude.

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