Although it may seem like an overly intrusive process, colonic irrigation has become a popular form of detoxification and cleansing. We speak to Ray Milller, co-owner of ozone colonics about some of the details and benefits. He reports.
Firstly, it's useful to know that changes in the delicate balanced micro enviroment of the bowel have been linked to a number of diseases both inside and outside the intestines. Colonic hydrotherapy is known to reduce the risk of bowel disease; improve health and vitality, and facilitate the elimination of parasites, fungi and gallstones. Often the body loses the ability to digest fats optimally. One of the reasons is poor bile secretion. The bile in the gall bladder becomes thick and sticky, the gall bladder tries to squeeze it it out, but it cant. In a vicious cycle, toxins and old hormones are reabsorbed because the bile isn't leaving the body. A colonic is a great way of helping the body release toxic, piled up, sticky bile. The colonic procedure: Small amounts of filtered water, at a carefully regulated temperature are introduced under gentle gravitational pressure through the rectum into the colon. This is done by a trained therapist who uses specific massage techniques on the abdomen to help the water soften and cleanse the colon of faecal matter and old deposits. These are piped away with the waste water directly into the sewerage system. During the process the client lies on his or her back. The therapist allows water to flow in and release out a number of times during a 30-45 minute session. Even though the gentle flow of water almost never reaches or passes the ileocecal valve 'a sphincter muscle valve that seperates the small intestine and the large intestine, the colon is not the only organ that gets a toxic load removed during this process. Both the liver and small intestine benefit from the detoxification process. The gut is the only organ with its own intrinsic nervous system. It's called the enteric nervous system and can mediate reflexes independently from brain or spinal cord input. When the water enters the colon, the nerves in the colon get stimulated and send signals to the rest of the upper digestive tract. These signals stimulate stronger peristaltic movement in both small and large intestine. This results in a better bile flow from the gallbladder and better enzymatic flow from the pancreas. For a colonic treatment you can expect to pay anything between R450 and R900. Ray Milller is a consultant to Wellness Warehouse and co-owner of Ozone Colonics. For further information contact Cell: 074 501 9630 or log onto [email protected]

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