Why Your Cycle is Your Superpower

The natural world is an exquisite expression of rhythms and cycles, and women’s bodies hold the essence of this cyclical nature. Just as men need decent levels of testosterone to thrive, women need healthy levels of estradiol and progesterone to support them through their reproductive years.

Women’s bodies go through a magnificent fluctuation of hormone production throughout the month to bring us to the crowning moment of our cycle - ovulation. 

Why is ovulation important, even if we don’t want babies? We only make estradiol and progesterone from ovulation. These two steroid hormones are essential for neurological, metabolic, cardiovascular and bone health, as well as for fertility. They also produce firm and glowing skin, a calm and focused mind, healthy emotions, balanced weight, and the ability to handle stress.

Cycle tracking is the original biohacking - and the best way to run a business, according to entrepreneur and author Kate Northrup. In her book, Do Less: A Revolutionary Approach to Time and Energy Management for Ambitious Women (Hay House, 2019), she asserts:

“Trust that your body has it all organised for you.”


This is the true beginning of our cycle. During this time, our estradiol, mood, mental focus and physical strength begin to build, motivating a need for creation and action. You naturally have more energy during this phase, making productivity easy. What would you like to cultivate in life? This is a time to come up with new ideas, gather resources, organise, and start projects. Physically, you need fewer calories, and may crave lighter meals like salads, soups or smoothies, while your body will thrive on more intense exercise. Perhaps you could use this time to go on a big outdoor excursion, or to spend some quality time connecting with family and friends.


This is the time for expansion, when your heart is saying ‘yes’ to the world. Your confidence levels, ease of self and eloquence will be at their highest at this point. This is the moment to put yourself out there - to present that talk or pitch that idea. Physically, you are at your strongest now, so do that trail run! Your libido is also peaking at this time, as estradiol and testosterone spike, so whisk your partner away for a romantic weekend.


As you shift away from ovulation, you will find that your petals start to retract. You have delivered your love to the world, now it’s time to start shifting your focus more inward. Progesterone is peaking during this phase, giving you a deep sense of inner reflection, creativity, and a need for self-care. Your discernment is high, but it’s coming from a more emotional place rather than from mental perception. Have a look at your world - what’s working and not working for you? If something needs changing, now is the time to do it. It’s time to start pruning away the debris, clearing out your cupboards, finishing incomplete projects, and tying up loose ends. Physically, you need 300 calories more a day, especially proteins and fats to meet your hormonal requirements. It’s time for more internal exercise, especially in nature. And a yoni steam will help to cleanse away the old stories that no longer serve you. This is the moment to speak your truth before it builds up and comes out as irritation. By slowing down and creating space, we allow clarity and prevent PMS. If you don’t, the volcano can build up and start to spit fireballs!


Clear your diary - this is self-nourishment time! If something is unfinished, it’s probably better to leave it until next week. Don’t force yourself to do anything that really isn’t urgent. Spend some quiet time in nature, taking gentle walks, meditating, and really feeling the earth under your feet. Drop all focus - just allow yourself to be present to the moment, and intuition will follow. If you’ve been feeling stagnant in life, give yourself this time to recalibrate and renew. You will be surprised what comes to you.


Kheyrne Danu is a mother, body sovereignty guide, holistic birth and postpartum coach, Womb Way yoni egg facilitator, conscious menstrual coach and creator of the SuperThrive range of superfood and superherb vitality blends. 

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